Those in your organization that are not going forth to stop evil with a squad are able to participate in a variety of activities. These can do a range of things, from raising reputation to raising funds.

Regular Liberal activities
A - Engaging in Liberal Activism
1 - Community Service
2 - Liberal Disobedience
3 - Spray Graffiti
4 - Search Opinion Polls
5 - Hacking
6 - Write to Newspapers
7 - Write for the Liberal Guardian - this only shows up if you are at the Liberal Guardian (which you set up by Investing in a Safe House)

B - Legal Fundraising
1 - Solicit Donations
2 - Sell T-Shirts
3 - Sell Portrait Sketches
4 - Play Street Music - More effective if liberal is equipped with a Guitar.

C - Illegal Fundraising
1 - Sell Brownies
2 - Prostitution
3 - Steal Credit Card Numbers

D - Recruitment and Acquisition
1 - Recruiting - Goes to a sub-menu of professions that can be recruited.
2 - Make Clothing - Gives you a sub-menu of clothing options
3 - Repair Clothing
4 - Stealing a Car
5 - Procure a Wheelchair - Any Liberal with a broken back, broken neck, or with no legs, can acquire a wheelchair and regain their mobility.
6 - Augment a Liberal - Partly implemented; guaranteed to cause damage no matter your First Aid or Science skill.

T - Teaching Other Liberals
1 - Political Activism - skills trained: Art, Business, Law, Music, Persuasion, Religion, Science, Street Sense, Writing, costs up to $20 per day.
2 - Infiltration - Computers, Disguise, Driving, Psychology, Security, Seduction, Stealth, Tailoring, costs up to $60 per day.
3 - Urban Warfare - All Weapon Skills, Martial Arts, Dodge, First Aid, costs up to $100 per day.

I - Tend to a Conservative hostage

L - Learn in the University District

M - Move to the Free CLINIC

H - Heal Liberals

Z - Dispose of bodies

E - Equip this Liberal

W - Write on a Specific Topic - this one is a hidden feature (perhaps unimplemented), and only works if you are at the Liberal Guardian (which you set up by Investing in a Safe House)

Sleeper Liberal activities
A - Communication and advocacy
1 - lay low
2 - advocate liberalism

B - Espionage
1 - uncover secrets
2 - embezzle funds
3 - steal equipment

C - Join the active LCS

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