AM Radio Station

Located Downtown.


Common Encounters:
Radio Personality, Secretary, Janitor, Corporate Manager, Office Worker, Security Guard, Engineer.

High Security:
More Security Guards appear.

Response Type
Angry Mob

Valid Disguises:

Expensive Suit/Dress, Cheap Suit/Dress, Security Guard Uniform.
Police Uniform offers partial dirguise.

[U]seable Tiles:

Mic (AM Studio Takeover). With your high-charisma and high-juice liberals can take over and influence any issues. This is very effective but will instantly alert the conservatives. If the show is good enough, you will be told that "security listened to it at their desks" and you will get a chance to escape. Otherwise there will be security guards right outside the stage when you're done. If you take a Radio Personality hostage outside of the studio, you can force them to speak for you.
The quickest way to enhance your show is to send more Liberals: more voices makes for a better show. Media presentations are based on Persuasion, so leveling that up will help too.

Site Issues:

Free Speech, AM Radio Influence

Effects of Shutdown:


Loot to be Found:

PDA (~24%)
Laptop (~24%)
Cellphone (~24%)
Microphone (~24%)
AM Radio memo (5%)

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