For a full list of clothing and armor options, see the clothing page.

Armor is an equipment type in Liberal Crime Squad. All types of clothing and armor are equiped in the 'armor' slot.

In-game, armor may be tagged as [D]amaged, [B]loody, or a number (ex. [2]nd rate). Damaged and second rate armor degrades the level of protection. Higher numbered tags indicate third rate or even worse. Any of these tags reduce the quality of the armor's disguise. Number tags reduce the value of the armor, and damaged armor cannot be sold. Armor can be repaired under the Activate the Uninvolved menu.

In order of strength from least to most:

Mithril Mail: This can be bought at the halloween costume shop for 1000 big ones. It's "about as effective as it would be in real life."
This is a shiny, flexible, and surprisingly lightweight vest. The silver spray paint is flaking off.

Body Armor: Can be scavenged off members of the Conservative Crime Squad and Corporate Mercenaries and passes for clothes. Can be made under the Make Clothes menu.
This is a thin Kevlar vest that goes under your normal clothes.

Anti-Fire Bunker Gear: Protective gear worn by Firefighters and Firemen. Can be made under the Make Clothes menu. It's the only armor that protects against fire damage, but it's not very effective at stopping bullets.
This is a full suit of fire-resistant clothing.

Police Body Armor: Can be scavenged off Police and SWAT Officers. Passes for a Police Uniform.
This is a vest covering the front torso. Some have the word SWAT on them.

Army Body Armor: Can be scavenged off Soldiers and CCS members, if it has gained strength. Passes for an Army Uniform.
This is a vest covering the torso, shoulders and neck, painted in camouflage colors, with Ballistic Plate inserts. Comes in arctic, jungle, or urban palettes.

Heavy Ceramic Armor: Can be scavenged off CCS Bosses, and even then not always. It can be crafted, albeit at a high price and with great difficulty and can be found as loot at the Intelligence HQ. It is never usable as a disguise.
This is a huge black shirt of thick Kevlar, with hulking Ballistic Plate inserts and signs of extensive wear and repair. It strikes fear into your enemies… or it would if they realized it was real.

Properties of Armors

Short Name: A shorter, max 14 characters, name for the armor type. Defaults to normal name.
Make Difficulty: Difficulty to make it yourself. 0 means impossible. Default: 0
Make Price: Cost to make it yourself. Default: 0
Fence Value: Money received if sold at pawn shop. Default: 0
Death Squad Legality: Armor can only be made if arch-conservative police and death penalty laws. Default: false
Stealth Value: Stealth bonus given by the armor. No bonus means the armor is unusable for sneaking. Default: 0
Professionalism: Professional appearance. Useful when soliciting donations. Default: 2
Conceal Weapon Size: Largest weapon size the armor can conceal. Default: 5

Body: Protection offered to the body. Default: 0
Head: Protection offered to the head. Default: 0
Limbs: Protection offered to arms and legs. Default: 0
Fire Protection: If armor reduces damage from fire. Default: false

Body Covering
What parts of the body is the armor worn on.
Head: If worn on head. Default: false
Body: If worn on body. Default: true
Arms: If worn on arms. Default: true
Legs: If worn on legs. Default: true
Conceals Face: If face is concealed by the armor type. Default: false

Bonuses when wearing armor during interrogation.
Base Power: Always applied. Default: 0
Assault Bonus: Bonus when beating victim. Default: 0
Drug Bonus: Bonus when drugging victim. Default: 0

Appropriate Weapon: NOT USED! Carry weapon as part of disguise, but only in sieges.

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