Army Base

Location: Outskirts of the City.


Common Encounters:
Soldier, Guard Dog, Military Police, Military Officer, Navy SEAL.

High Security:

Response Type
M1 Abrams tanks (as soon as the conservatives are alarmed).

Valid Disguises:

Army BodyArmor, Army Uniform, SEAL Suit.
Police Uniform offers a partial disguise.

[U]seable Tiles:

Armory: Using it gives you a bunch of weapons.

Site Issues:

Military Spending

Effects of Shutdown:


Loot to be Found:

Weapons (~33%): 9mm semi, M4, M16
Army Bodyarmor (~33%)
Cellphone (~10%)
Watch (~10%)
Laptop (~10%)
Secret documents (~1%)


On the Outskirts of the City
Prison · Nuclear Power Plant · Intelligence HQ
Corporate HQ · CEO Residence · Army Base · Bunker
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