The bank is a new downtown location, introduced in LCS 4.06. When your squad enters the bank, they can cause mayhem as usual, but also attempt to rob the teller or crack the vault for quick cash. You can get $5,000 from sticking up the teller; the vault contains a total of $240,000, roughly $40,000 per pile.

To crack the vault, you need to have a security expert, a computer expert and a bank manager. The bank manager can be a sleeper, a fresh recruit, or a hostage. It takes the bank a little while to revoke Bank Managers' clearance when they join the squad; if you take too long to Enlighten a kidnapped manager, the bank will revoke their clearance as a precaution.

Once you have cracked the vault, you can enter and bag up the money, though it takes a while and attracts attention. The first pile you pick up will make the conservatives suspicious, the second will cause them to become alarmed, and the third pile you pick up will cause conservative reinforcements to arrive on the scene.

If you continue to pick up money, a SWAT Team will eventually storm the vault. This involves nine (9) SWAT Officers forcing an immediate encounter. It is always good to have a hostage in such cases, as they will usually negotiate depending on the version of LCS. Bluffing with the correct disguise AND no blood on it is more reliable. Another option is to threaten bystanders and tell the bankers to open the vault themselves. You still have to go in and get the money, though, and the Conservatives will (understandably) be Alarmed. Note that threatening bystanders will be very bad for the LCS' public image.

There is a small chance that there will be security guards who attack the squad, or a certain chance if the bank is at high security.

Loot to be found:

Watch (25%)
Cellphone (25%)
PDA (25%)
Laptop (25%)

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