Beginner's Guide

Raising money peacefully

1. Asking for donations only works if people know you and like you. So get popular first. Activism and maybe some community service is good for popularity, while a few site actions will help increase your notability. Once these are done, donations can be a major source of fundraising, especially if you use persuasive Liberals and dress them in respectable clothing.

2. Other legal fundraising options require specialized skills to capitalize on. You can liberate sweatshop workers from the textile factories in the industrial district that have high levels of garment making skill and can sell T-Shirts for money. Note that sweatshop workers can be deported if arrested and put you up as their boss — and make sure to give them clothes before telling them to do anything in public. Unfortunately, in the current version, you will usually not make enough money to cover the costs of shirt materials plus the grocery bills for your workers using this method.

3. An illegal method of making money that rarely causes trouble (especially if you're careful): Stealing cars. After gathering a Squad and getting them trained on Security (by unlocking apartments at any of the rentable locations), start stealing either Vans or Sportscars - Sports if you think you're likely to get chased because of the +3 driving skill mod, but Vans are easier to take. Both sell for the same amount ($800). $4800 every other day just from an easy low-heat crime (or faster if you have 2+ squads).

Not getting raided

1. Don't use the homeless shelter as a base for violent actions, it's the first place they look. Go to a warehouse and invest in a business front to throw off investigators, or rent an apartment somewhere to blend in. The more expensive the apartment, the less likely the police are to search for you in that neighborhood, and the harder it will be for them to find your safehouse. Flying a flag is a cheap way to increase secrecy, and it works with any safehouse.

2. Alternatively, or in combination, you can move around every few weeks or so, or even more often if that doesn't work, to shake off any investigation. Leave bases you've been resting in for a long time empty for a few weeks to let them cool off and be forgotten.

3. If you do get raided, and manage to fight them off, don't stay in the same place. They already know where you are and already know you're ridiculously well-armed and dangerous, so they'll just come back in a week, this time with national guard troops. Best to be gone when that happens unless you're looking for a fight.

4. Keep the spare weapons and stuff in a safe armory (read: cheap apartment). Never have anyone stay there and only have heat-free people fetch stuff.

5. Having a sleeper agent at the relevant locations gets you informed about incoming raids in advance, giving you ample opportunity to move everything from the targeted location to somewhere safe. Seducing a cop early on is a particularly good move since the police are the most likely group to raid you early on.

Not getting arrested

1. Avoid sending important people to do dangerous things like selling brownies. They're really not safe.

2. Avoid sending wanted people to do legal things in public. You may just be manning the t-shirt stand, but if you're wanted for murder, the first cop that knows your face will be able to bring you in. If you want to have sweatshop workers sell T-shirts, make sure you don't commit crimes with them while liberating them from the Conservatives.

3. Keep a reserve of cash for emergencies — $5000 or more. If you have enough money, you can hire an ace defense lawyer that has a high chance of getting you acquitted at trial.

4. Get your own sleeper lawyer and use them on low level crimes to train them. Note that they are only $100 a go in comparison to $5000 a go (but you get what you pay for).

5. When possible, get 4 sleeper judges as they will give you a big advantage in court and will give you the shortest time inside they can. Fewer than four sleeper judges will reduce the chance that one of your sleepers is involved in any given case.

Escaping from combat

1. Start running before the cops turn up. Never stay just to have a fight because you'll die most of the time.

2. Use the right outfit. Note that trenchcoats can hide SMGs and shotguns, but will attract attention sooner than a good disguise.

3. Remember that you don't have to kill every one; just stop them following you.

4. Cars help as they mean that slow or wounded liberals don't slow you down or get left behind - but crashes can kill everyone in the car.

Jasonred79's LCS walkthrough

(Warning: outdated; in particular, spraying graffiti is a crime, though the police don't pay much attention to Vandalism)

1. To have the easiest time starting out, the best set-up for your founder is probably to answer C then E for the last 2 questions, since this gives you +$1000 and an extra level of liberalism, aka +1 follower at the start.

2. Next is your recruitment phase. You can hire anyone you like, Hippies will be the easiest, and they are not too bad for general purpose.

3. Next you gain JUICE.
3.a) The EASIEST way to gain juice, up to the 50 juice mark for each LCS member, is to buy a can of spray paint and spray up the Crack Houses. You gain 2 juice per spray, so just step in, spray 25 walls, and you are done. And the 50 juice level is enough for each member to recruit 1 member! Best of all, spraying up these places is not a crime and will not attract the attention of the CCS.
3.b) So, you can just recruit a squad of 6 members, buy 1 can of paint, run into an apartment and spray 25 times. Use these guys to recruit another 6, give them the paint, run into an apartment and spray 25 times. Repeat until your squad is as large as you like.

4. Next step is to gain MONEY.
4.a) Credit Card fraud is great because your people can't be arrested during it, BUT it has a cap of 15k per month.

3&4. A good way to gain money and juice at once is to assemble the LCS into squads and send them into sites on raids. Early on, the easiest target is probably the apartment buildings. Arm each squad with a crowbar. Send them in and rob the place blind. Start off with the Industrial Apartments and once each squad is good, send them to the Downtown ones. You will make really big money from selling off the loot, plus you get juice for every door picked (i think) and item stolen.

5. Next step is to get 4 sleeper judges and 1-2 sleeper lawyers. This will give the LCS a rather huge bonus, ie that you no longer have to fear being arrested so much, and you can just surrender to the police and stuff. The easiest way to do this is to buy some black robes and have some people seducing Liberal Judges like crazy. Much easier than the Hanging Judges. Keep going until you succeed in this, having no fear of the court system is too huge to ignore.

6. Time for more recruitment. At this point, you can decide on several different playstyles to win the game. IMHO, the most fun way is to do them ALL. :) Which is yet another reason why I wanted such a huge LCS roster; so you could have many squads which you could set to different tasks. My recommendations:

a) 1-2 Covert Action Squads. They need high charisma, so they can get good disguise skill. They should learn pistols since that is the only real concealable gun. I recommend the .45 semi-auto for it's damage and ammo capacity. At couple of them also need high intelligence so they can learn computer and hack the CIA supercomputer.

b) A Guitar Squad. Need high Heart here. 6 team members who specialise in music, who fight by strumming their guitars at opponents. Cute and interesting. You can train them up by having them play music for money, then send them on raids once their music skill is maxed out.

c) A sword squad. Some people claim swords are overpowered. That may or may not be so, but they don't seem very good for covert ops! Apparently very interesting because of dismemberment occuring often. You need agility and strength.

d) A Canine Hero squad. Only possible after animal rights go L+. Apparently their high agility makes them very good.

e) Martial Arts squad might be interesting. Go ninja go ninja go! Er… functionally I don't think they would differ from any other weapon users, but it's stylish?

f) Other weapons.

It might help to have one car and driver for each team.

There's no real need for very many squads… it's mainly just for fun, so you can try out different functions of the game. I recommend not wasting TOO many recruitment slots on this.

7. Specialists who stay at home. These guys will probably not gain as much juice, so they won't be gaining many followers. Nevermind, that's why I wanted you to hire these guys last, so they would be on the bottom of the chain of command. Anyhow, you want to hire a couple of writers to write to the newspaper and Liberal Guardian. A few programmers to attack websites and hack. You might want to have some people with high Art drawing Grafitti. Some cloth makers selling T-shirts (and body armor for your combat squads) and musicians selling Liberal Music add flavor to your gameplay, but I'm not sure if they have any effect in raising Liberal awareness. Recruit a few psychologists too, for 8.c)

8. Let's get some sleepers. They give you maps and help to raise Liberal awareness in their areas. I would recommend at least 1 sleeper per building, the more the better.

a) First off, fill up any spare recruitment slots your regular members have with sleeper agents. If you followed step 2, this will probably be a LOT. Good!

b) Next have your members without lovers pick-up and seduce as many sleepers as they can.

c) Next is Kidnapping and Interrogation. Use a separate building for this, and resign yourself to the fact that the kidnappers will probably all be arrested. A lot. You want to station 2 Psychologists per kidnap victim, 1 to play bad cop until their wisdom is down to 1, then a good cop to raise Heart. I think. I haven't done much kidnapping and interrogation, since 8.a) and 8.b) gave me plenty of sleepers anyhow… You only need to resort to kidnapping to get the Radio Personality, Eminent Scientists, News Anchor, and Club Security. I think.

It is only possible to kidnap "dangerous" targets by ambushing them on dates or badly disabling them in combat, which is risky. However , a kidney blasted and leg shot Redneck is easy to drag behind you, assuming it doesn't bleed to death.

9. You're on the path to winning! You can now experiment around and have fun… you should be able to play almost any style at this point and still win the game! The only things you have to watch out for:

a) Don't alienate the masses at sites. This means no crimes in front of witnesses!

b) Don't get the LCS wiped out. Could be hard if the CCS exists. If this is so, you might want to hunt them down. Or not. It's up to you. Either way, lots of good fighters will help.


Easy Juice

You could always go around shooting people, or start to steal things, but what is a really great method of raising Juice? The easiest is stealing, but you don't get much Juice for that and it takes a lot of time. Apart from that though, you'll have to go with things that'll get you a criminal record. Even things like Jury Tampering can get you in trouble with the law. So what easy and gets skills too?

Well, it seems that opening cages of those lovely white bunny rabbits is easy, cost free, can get you disguise skills and plenty of Juice.

So, train your security! Things start off badly if you need to bust in the door. Secondly, grab a lab coat. You'll still be found out, but a lot slower and gain Disguise, which is a vital skill in sneaking about.
Next, head down to the Cosmetics in The Industrial Center. This has lots of Fluffy Bunny Rabbits, that are no, not rabid. They won't attack and get you 5 Juice per cage you open. So go for it! Open up about 4-5 cages, pick up some lab equipment and run! You'll probably be discovered until your disguise is really good, but who cares? Keep doing this, it's simple and easy. Your Juice will sky rocket and your Disguise won't be too bad.

I have to warn you though, the law will not be impressed. If you go around getting sleeper Judge's though, you won't be spending a long time inside.

Basic Starters Guide

A simple guide to LCS

First off, the best leader in the beginning stages of the game is a leader with good persuasion and seduction. So use your brain and pick some good political and sexy answers in the beginning part.

Secondly, cash is not a problem. At the beginning you'll be hard put for cash, but at the end swimming in it.

Thirdly, violence is not the key. If your just starting off, don't go out and buy an assault rifle and kill someone, it doesn't work out.

Next is squads. Your leader should recruit 2 types of people - Leaders and Workers.
The leaders lead squads like sword squads, bomb squads, gun squads, whatever is appropriate. Then, if the squad gets caught or killed, your ultimate leader is kept out of jail because no one apart from the leader of the said squad knew who you were. And because they are a leader they have high heart and juice, so there 90% less likely to sell you onto the cops.
Workers are the mountain of people you have to, well, work. They can ask for donations or spray paint or what ever, but should be kept out of the majority of the illegal actions because they could sell you out to the cops.

After this, use your leaders to go out and get you in the papers, your workers to earn cash, and some gun squads to go show the CSS who's boss.

More Easy Money

This one takes a little luck, but if you pull it off, it's worthwhile.

First up, you need someone with a very high Tailoring skill - I managed luckily to snag a Fashion Designer with at 10 in Tailoring at the local park in the University district. Put them in a safe place with no heat on it, and have them make "Expensive Dresses" at $200 each. Then, have someone take all them purty dresses to the pawn shop, where they sell for $350 each; this is a 175% return on the investment and in numbers big enough that you can run your whole operation on it for quite some time - and the best part is that it's all 100% legal and completely under the radar of even the most vicious Conservative movement. In the meanwhile, use your "safe" safehouse for people with no heat to write letters, attend university, and so on.

DarkArtemisFowl's LCS Walkthrough

Hello, this is DarkArtemisFowl and my LCS guide. This is a guide that works 90% of the time depending on your starting character. Choose a character that has high intelligence, heart, and charisma. Throw in high Persuasion skill, too. Easiest way to do this is to answer C and then E for each of the questions, and at the second-to-last one, answer D. Now you're ready.
First, you'll have to have your initial founder be the Emperor, or Leader, or Founder, whatever. He/She's your highest-ranked person, DO NOT let this person commit crimes or do illegal stuff. Travel to the Vegan Co-Op or the Troll Cafe and recruit:

  • Office Workers (They have intelligence, persuasion, and maybe security)
  • Hippies (Possibly low skills but ridiculously easy to recruit)
  • Socialites (People who possible have security, persuasion and seduction, similar to Office Workers but with more Charisma than Intelligence)

Only hire up to 5 people, max. These will be your Commanders, Second-In-Commands, Honor Ranks, whatever. MAKE SURE they have high charisma, intelligence, heart, and persuasion. These are key to recruiting and making sure they don't rat you out.
Next, buy a couple of spray cans (You should have $57 to spend, unless you unwittingly spent $50 on trying to recruit a Hippie) and send a couple of people to the Crack Houses. Walk next to a Wall, and press 'U'. You should now see a green 'LCS' graffiti sign on the walls adjacent to you. This will give 1 juice per spray you do. The rest of your members, have them 'Solicit Donations'. If they have high art, tailoring, or music, instead have them 'Make T-Shirts', 'Sketch Portraits' or 'Play Music'. This is a more effective, legal way of making money. Try not to have your spray-painters raise the 'Conservative Alarm' at the Crack Houses. If you do, your Liberals will be charged with counts of vandalism - One count per each spraypaint on a wall.
By now your members should have up to 50 Juice. Have them recruit their own members that have medium-high Intelligence, Heart, Persuasion, and at least low combat skills. These will be Lieutenants, Third-in-commands, Lower Ranks, whatever. They will lead your Combat Squads and will be your nest of activity. This is to make sure that they can only rat out one person if they're caught - The commander who hired them. You will not be blamed for it. By now, you should have some money and whatnot.
Time to form squads. Use your Lieutenants and make squads, with them in command. I will now show a Squad guide here.

Combat Squads will need:
-A Lock-Picker (High Security)
-Two or more Action Guys (High combat skills)
Tailor Squads will need:
-One or more Tailors (High Tailoring skill)

The rest is up to you.


Smak64's stat strategy

I went through how stat raising works when you gain a higher Liberal Rank, and found this.
If the base stat (When at rank of Civilian) is 10, then when you've maxed out your Liberal Rank, that stat will have maxed out at 20. So we use the beginning questions to try to get as many stats as possible to 10.
The formula I found manages to get Heart, Agility, and Health all the way to 10 at character creation, but leaves Intelligence, Charisma, and Strength at 7,6,and 5 respectively.
Answers for questions are as follows:
1. C
2. B
3. E
4. Your pick.
5. D
6. Your pick.
7. D
8. A
9. Your pick.
10. D
At the maximum Liberal Rank possible, Heart will be 20, Intelligence will be 16, Charisma will be 15, Strength will be 13, Agility will be 20, and Health will be 20.

I hope this helps any aspiring Liberals!

Cyberpunk Terrorist Horde Strategy ++

This strategy is hamfisted, but is warlike and fun, so does not contain not much micromanagement or stealth, and has much risk-taking, but more easier than handle, fit for lunchbreaks. Forget legality. Forget Peace or Sleeper Judges. Have your starting char with at least 2 computer skill, and gather cash through credit card fraud. You will not be doing anything legal in-game, so go for it and infiltrate the Garment Factory, and release as many workers as you can.

Why workers? We no longer care about being legal, we don't need to be loved. It's a moot point if they get caught and illegal workers are immediately available without the stupid recruiting phase.

After gathering a squad of 6 misfits, you can gather juice by:

-Disobedience(Risky, Illegal Immigrants and Criminals get caught)
-Grafitti(Up to 34 Juice)
-'U'sing conservative hotspots: breaking textiles, opening cages and such

Repeatedly enter the garment factory to break machinery and grafitti so that your squad can reach 50+ Experience. After that, your 6-Man squads should be mostly minimum 2 skill computer hackers and competent tailors, possibly one immigrant teaching how to tailor, and your main char how to use computers. let every member be doing either credit card fraud or tailor Expensive Suits to sell, and put them all in an expensive apartment to go on Hacking sprees to store massive numbers of files, which then promptly be placed in the Homeless Shelter, which will not be used, and therefore not raided away. Hacking also gives massive juice. Craft Police Body Armor suits and buy M-16's so your squads can regularly visit police stations to linger around and learn cheap Disguise skill before being detected.

For Rifle skills, either seduce a soldier (which is hard) or use Crack Houses as shooting galleries for Gang Members (remember to keep a good driver to get away quickly if you linger too long), or capture an attacking CCS and Enlighten him to convert.

Now…the Heat.Law will be definitely after you as all your LCS members will be equals to the Unabomber himself. Credit Card Fraud, Vandalism…how to deal? Since your money reserves will be nigh infinite, you should by now have all warehouses converted to business Fronts,storing all newspaper files at the Homeless Shelter, which you never,ever must visit to avoid confiscation.

Way 1: Using gamebreaking exploit : If you disband your squads, you can assign new bases to squadless members even in a police siege, melting away from the besieged building. when the besieged building is empty, promptly give up, let it be dismantled and then rebuild.

Way 2: No cheating! Be on the run! : Switch business fronts every 2-3 weeks to avoid police raids. Best disband squads and assign new bases as squadless so they can write for newspapers, steal money from the internet and hack for information nonstop. consider sending hacked data files to homeless shelter, or have one Computer genius hack from a Downtown apartment and store it there.

Way 3: No cheating! Urban terrorism time! : Have massive food stocks in every business front. Keep all your members with heavy ceramic armor and MP5 or M-4 carbines. I don't go for M16 or AK47's unless Rifle skill is 10, since M-4 has greater accuracy and you want your squad of 6 to instantly kill or cripple at the first salvo. When police besieges, be sure the fronts have maximum fortification, then sit out and wait for them to assault the location. Race for the booby traps and kill enough attackers to force them to retreat. Now you have 2 weeks until they return with National Guard and F-22's. Repair loot, sell EVERY excess ammo and weapon and armor(for liquid cash in hand) and change safehouse until they raid the safehouse with the army, so it will be heat free when you return. You can keep this up infinitely and at that moment, your LCS will be all Elite Liberals with monstrous weapon skills, armor, hacking and tailoring, meaning they will be all able to recruit hundreds of members if banding together or start an armory from scratch. Your Leader killed? All of them are now more or less equal. They are all Anonymous. Cyberterrorist commandos who can hack, build armor and fight off massive numbers. Even if one Elite Liberal amongst them survives, you can rebuild the LCS with 2 months of training from hell for the rookies.

To deal with CCS,

1- Agent Smith-alike Anonymous Kidnapping:You can train your toughest 6 members in disguise, dress them in expensive-black suits and send them to gentleman clubs. When you see a CCS, attack with unarmed to disperse any attackers, and drag the bastard to a Downtown apartment to torture to reveal safehouses.
2- Datenapping: Train a lovely crossdressing woman in seduction in a downtown safehouse to datenap. Even easier when Women's Rights are Green where you can enter with Expensive Dresses to datenap. But this tactic needs Micromanagement.
3- P.O.W Camp from hell : My favorite, let CCS attack your fronts, Kidnap the heavily injured ones from booby trap squares. Since you will be heavily armored and hopefully an uniform distribution of Evasion skill, survivors firing back wont be much of a problem. Snatch all the unconscious ones and kill the others. Torture the survivors for safehouse info.

Upon discovery of every safehouse, send 6 Heavy Body Armored commandos with max ammunition, press S to wait, and kill everyone who shows its ugly mug until the computer says "CCS is broken!"

No compromise. No subterfuge. After CCS is broken…

Swords to Plowshares: Do not ever offend Corporations after CCS is gone.By now you must have millions of cash, so all you need now is to lay low and if you ever evade too many police raids (Police must raid unoccupied safehouses all the time, no giveups), the Heat Generation of your cyberterrorists will be absolute zero. Now what? Sit back and have everyone writing newspaper articles. The public opinion and elections will turn the country liberal in a few months.

Critical points: 1-Since every member will be an extremely wanted criminal cyber terrorist, distribute all skills to all members in massive teaching sessions. Every member having at least 6 Rifle Driving skill will make them invincible.

2-DO NOT ESCAPE Safehouses without the police raiding. You will be shot to pieces. Let them raid and walk in booby traps. Then leave quietly when they retreat.

3-DO NOT GENERATE MORE HEAT THAN NEEDED : Do not raid police HQ or anywhere. All materials you need to turn public opinion can be obtained from one hacker sitting in a Expensive apartment and 2 printing presses. Do not attack unless provoked. EVER. Be like Matrix Resistance.

As a last note, you can increase your member count to hundreds, should you feel crazy. Though this walkthrough is doable even with 6 elites, its risky. 12 is a good number.

Fast and Easy Walkthrough

1. For the starting questions, answer C.
2. Recruit your 6 members, classes do not matter.
3. Gather funds by having the leader tailor:
Work clothes until they are simple to make, then cheap dresses, then black dresses.
4. When you have a sufficient amount of money, upgrade your safehouses to have business fronts, printing presses, cameras, and traps.
5. Have one member with the highest intelligence(Not computer skill, intelligence.) start hacking in one safehouse, well the other five write the news in the other.
6. Boom, you're on the path to victory. Make sure your leader commits no crimes so if anything goes sideways, you can fix it. If you need money, just keep tailoring. Also, if you want, a LOT of juice comes from hacking, so your hacker can recruit people to also write news, solicit donations, and maybe hack. Make sure to check the heat and secrecy on your place constantly. If you need to get your hacker out, rent an apartment.

Easy Money, Easy Game, Easy Life

1. Answer C to all of the starting questions
2. Fly a flag in the apartment you start in.
3. Immediately start doing credit card fraud. The apartment you begin in costs $250/mo, and you'll be making plenty of cash to sustain the apartment and more. Continue until you have about $20k
4. Begin hacking. Continue until your heat begins to rise or until you've been going at it for at least a year.
5. Sell everything you get from hacking. By this time, your computers skill should be maxed or close to maxed out.
6. Drop the room at your apartment, and go rent an expensive ($1500/mo) apartment in the Downtown district.
7. Fly a flag there.
8. Continue hacking, selling all of the documents you obtain every two-three years in game. This will net you at least $150,000 every time, and can only increase the longer you go on. It should be noted that your secrecy will be at 95%, and your character will be incredibly intelligent and have 19/20 in computers so the chances of being caught doing this are slim to none.
9. Repeat step 8 until you get tired of holding W
10. Set up two business fronts in the industrial district, get some printing presses set up, and start distributing the Liberal Guardian. Start hacking again.
11. Continue until you get tired of making obscene amounts of money.

12. Learn persuasion and security in the university district until both are maxed out (Public Policy & Locksmithing)
13. Start converting conservatives by recruiting them and keeping them as sleeper agents (Soldiers, Elite Security, Agents, Corporate Managers)
14. Have your sleepers snoop around for secrets until they have enough juice, and then have them recruit more sleepers.
15. Repeat step 14 until you're satisfied with the number of sleeper agents you have.
16. Gather them all together and teach them Urban Warfare
17. Congratulations, you have now have at least 15 members who are skilled in combat.
18. Arm your kill squads with rifles or SMGs (your choice, SMGs recommended)
19. Armor your kill squads with heavy ceramic armor
20. Keep your kill squads at the ready in case you get tired of holding W
21. Go crazy. Rob a bank, kick down the front door of the police station and kill every cop you see, kidnap a CEO, anything you feel like really. You probably have in surplus of $1,000,000 at this point, so your kill squads are expendable.

Money is no object in this style of play, and it allows you to go absolutely insane with power. Enjoy!

Badass-quasipacifist Liberal guide.

Nightmare mode is actually a paradise for a political activist. Why? Unlimited legal weapons , a simple flag brings secrecy, and most importantly, firemen.

That's right. Firemen. Why? Killing them brings no heat. Let that sink in for a second. That means you can boost your characters to Liberal Guardian level without getting a single felony.

For extra badassitude, consider choosing B AND C in starting screen. CCS starting as maxed out means you can kill them off easier. since you should have no heat except for credit card fraud, which is zero…

It's all simple. CCS early in game means you can go in to finish them off in a very unique and systematic 16 step way. So without further ado:

Act One (Base setup)

1-Make a good computer skilled character
2-Credit Card fraud to finance yourself a fully outfitted hideout with flag.
3-Go to garment factory, grab 5 slave workers. Set up your squad to 6.
4-Have workers do community service until their negative XP is zero.

Act Two(Gearing Up)

1-Teach them computer skills with your main character so your character can be free to finance itself abundant lessons in security and theater(disguise)
2-Tailor yourself a black suit with your main character.
3-Buy a car.
4-Arm your 6 Desperados with M-4 or Ak-47's.

Act Three(Getting juice!)

1-Tailor your characters using your main character Bunker Gear or any sort of high tier armor kits.
2-Set up Printing Press
3-Have all chars but one write articles. Let the main character hack for data and juice(XP), and most importantly computer skills for itself.
4-Wait for firemen, kill them off using booby traps and your squads. Repeat until all characters are Liberal Guardians.

Act Four(Conservative Crime Squad)

1-Finance your main character into education until high security and disguise are made. Hack until computer skills are max.
2-Sneak into Intel HQ with black suit.
3-Hack main computer to get "CCS backer list"
4-Sneak back, publish article to INSTANTLY terminate CCS.

After this, all that's left is to hunker down in a hideout and spam writing until the public is liberal. Who can kill you? Corporations? Firemen? Either can be killed in self defense, and your 6 desperados are invincible and low-heat. From here on, you are home free.

Sneaky guide (Not finished)

1A. Answer C to all questions, founder will start as a College Student and ready for hacking/credit card fraud.
1B. Use Smak64's stat strategy, founder should start as a Highschool Dropout and ready for almost anything.
1C. By answering A to most questions, founder should start as a Professional Thief, perfect for getting a lot of money and juice fast but also a bit harder.

2A. If you chose 1A or 1B to start as a College Student or Highschool Dropout, start doing credit card fraud. Money is important in early game.
2B. If you chose 1C to start as a Professional Thief, start by robbing University Apartments. Get out if conservatives get suspicious.

3. Recruit people who have Tailoring skill of at least 3 or 4.
Fashion Designers are great but usually Hippies and Sweatshop Workers are good enough for this. Their base can be the Homeless Shelter. It's a good idea to let them cause trouble for some juice while the founder or someone with computer skill makes money.
Sell all the clothes your workers make in the homeless shelter to get money, leader can lay low in the Industrial Apartments (Projects) to avoid getting arrested. Your money maker who has been doing credit card fraud (if you managed to recruit one) will eventually get arrested and most likely goes prison for years. It's not that bad, you can get him out of the prison later if you want.


4. Set up one business front when you have at least about $5000 and get the leader there. He will be a good hacker if you chose 1A or 1B. Then set up the second business front and a printing press.
Try to recruit a Professional Thief (Try to recruit Office Workers, Art Critics and Music Critics, just get rid of those who aren't thieves.) and rob the University Apartments for juice, you should be making enough money by selling trenchcoats so the stolen stuff wont be that important. When security and stealth are both at least 5, you can steal stuff from the Downtown Apartments pretty safely. There you can find some free weapons and good loot and most importantly, your thief will get more experience.
Get one of your workers in the shelter to make a ninja costume for your thief (it costs $200) to make sneaking easier.

Farming CCS Sleepers or Recruits

CCS Safehouses have an exploit that easily allows you to farm Sleeper agents or free recruits. You will need Seduction(For datenapping the CCS Boss), Disguise/Stealth(For not getting detected and causing the CCS Boss turning hostile), a gun to datenap with(Datenapping with your bare hands will usually result in the victim fighting back and knocking out your Liberal, causing them to be arrested. Melee weapons work too, but a gun seems to have the best chance of the victim not fighting back), and Psychology(For brainwashing the CCS Boss).

This exploits the fact that CCS Safehouses are only defeated if you blow the CCS Boss's brains out all over the floor. Converting a CCS Boss to Liberalism doesn't count. You must do this at only the Desert Eagle Bar and Grill, or the first CCS Safehouse. All the other CCS Safehouses do not allow you to stealth your way to the CCS Boss and encounter him alone.

Step 1: Stealth/Disguise your way to the CCS Boss.
Step 2: Seduce and datenap him.
Step 3: Good Cop, Bad Cop! Get as many Liberals as you can to violently beat the CCS Boss until his wisdom drops as low as possible(7 Wisdom seems to be the cap for how low it can drop). CCS Bosses usually have very high wisdom in the double digits. Keep your Liberal with the highest Psychology skill uninvolved in the beatings.
Step 4: Once the Conservative Automaton is sufficiently broken, have your Liberal with the highest Psychology attempt to recruit the CCS Boss. At lower levels of Psychology, props are really helpful. At higher levels of Psychology, you probably won't need the props.
Step 5: If the CCS Boss starts to like your Good Cop or clings to the Good Cop as it's only friend, you're doing good. You'll eventually enlighten the automaton, and can recruit him as a Sleeper(If his kidnapping wasn't discovered yet) or a LCS Member.
Step 6: Rinse and Repeat until you have as many LCS Sleepers or Members as you want.

Slow Roll Strategy

I. Getting the right people.

Contrary to what others suggest, there's a far better choice than hippies, college students or other options in general. Liberal Judges, available at the courthouse (Hall of Ultimate Justice on ArchConservative), have high stats and are amongst the best ideologically loyal guys in the game.

To get Judges, you'll need your founder to have a high persuasion score. You begin with hippies and continue to interview them, but not pull the trigger until your persuasion is maxed. At this point, you should be able to score six highly capable subleaders for the LCS.

It will be useful for these subleaders to themselves head out and begin more interviews with hippies to maximize their persuasion abilities.

II. Money Management.

There are three major ways to make money safely, efficiently, and repeatedly.

A: Building clothes.

It's boring, but the markup on successful clothes is +100%. Suits, Dresses and Clothes have this markup, and even under C+ laws having your own tailorshop is legal.

B: Car Theft w/ high 'Street Smarts' skill.

With a high street smarts skill, you get a warning message that someone is dialing 911 instead of simply having Police / Deathsquad guys jump you. Prostitutes tend to have some street smarts skill, and that illegal fundraising promotes that skill; you're going to want to have a prostitute working in a different residence than everyone else.

C: High Cover Sleepers.

You will rake it in with "internal theft" from sleepers. There's not a lot of risk involved, but the payoff can be staggering. If you use a sleeper, and they gain juice, the next step is to have them recruit, and anyone with high cover can potentially make $$$ for the LCS.

III. Legal Management.

LCS can be played without violating the law but a quiet game is often a boring game.

There are several considerations for how to protect or minimize your legal vulnerability. Racketeering throws charges on the next higher link of the LCS; this is one reason you're going to want to have a tier of "Subleaders" who prevent the founder from directly being wanted.

Civil Disobedience is risky but builds juice without necessarily committing a crime.

Vandalism and Theft are two good crimes that increase juice but are unlikely to lead to arrest unless you're lingering beyond "Conservatives Alarmed" in a location. These are good ways to earn more juice.

Ultimately, you're going to run into a point where Vandalism and Theft do not increase your juice, and you will start to face major heat for murder.

You can play defense for awhile. Turn an abandoned site into a front operation, buy a flag, use a police sleeper to inform you of imminent raids. This still isn't enough, so you're going to want to make one final strategy:

Turn off the police. Hit the Police Department with six armed, experienced guys and rack up multiple dead officers, and no one gets any heat. The entire world now has no ability to crack down on the LCS. You're going to want to send guys to hire Soldiers from the Army Base to keep up the attacks on the Police, but if there is no Heat, there's no legal threat.

IV. Winning the Game

The Conservative Crime Squad has advantages and disadvantages compared to the LCS; they're only going to face legal sanction if you publish their backers list, and they can field many more than six guys at a time.

On the down side, the LCS can hit many targets daily, can ultimately raid the CCS much more easily (get a sleeper in the Gentleman's Club and keep gaining sleepers for the CCS Hideouts), and can ruthlessly farm the CCS for combat skills. Finally, the LCS has some power to decide when the Conservative Crime Squad appears. I've played the game where they didn't appear at all, but once you prepare strong disguise, persuasion and combat skills, you begin wiping them out.

The other part of the game is policies. Without the CCS, the world can only react to the actions of the Liberal Crime Squad. Take out the Police, and now it's a question of how many more action teams you can create and how many more attacks on the conservative agenda you can launch.

Don't forget the power of the Liberal Guardian. Making your own news is powerful. If Speech Laws are C+, you're going to encounter the firemen; but you can kill them for Juice. You can also just surrender the press and plan on buying a new one as soon as they're gone.

The political tipping point is generally the Second Presidency. If the LCS has made a major show of strength, a Liberal (generally not a Elite Liberal) is elected President, and laws start moving towards L. It takes a lot more effort to get a Liberal Amendment to pass, but winning the game isn't far behind when one does.

DownedCrane's Non-Violence Strategy (tested on 4.12)

1 - Create a leader with selecting bonuses to Writing, Charisma and $1000. Don't forget to cancel rent!
2 - Buy a spraycan and earn some juice in the park, better to do it not the same day at once.
3 - Go to Vegan Co-op and recruit all possible hippies to the your limit. Tell them to move in the shelter.
4 - Make them legally collect money, you need $3000
5 - Buy a printing press in a new safehouse, move everybody there. Printing press should be still legal at this point.
6 - Set everyone to write articles to the Liberal Guardian, except one Hippie collecting donations.
7 - Buy a flag. Wait. Wait. Buy a business front. Wait. Wait.
8 - You will win the game around 2020.
Media is a hell of a power!

Violent Bank Robbing Strategy

This strategy is best played in Nightmare Mode and We didn't start the fire

I. First bank robbery

1 - Create a leader with high strength, weapon skills and gang members.
2 - Recruit a young sweatshop worker, to fill up your squad.
3 - Engage in Community Service until all negative juice on the sweatshop worker and gangsters are back to 0.
4 - Purchase clothing for your sweatshop worker at The Oubliette, and a trench coat for any gangster wielding a shotgun (to conceal it).
5 - Rob the bank teller for $5000, and retreat as soon as you have the money. Make sure all of your weapons are concealed to avoid conflict before robbing the bank. You have one chance to avoid any conservative while retreating, so you don't need to kill the first conservative you encounter. You have to fight the rest of the conservatives you pass-by.
Your first bank robbery is successful!

II. Second and subsequent bank robberies

6 - Purchase concealed firearms (mostly pistols) and ammo for any unarmed crew liberal. Purchase a flag in every safehouse.
7 - Have everyone on your liberal crew start writing to newspapers.
8 - Wait until the bank is back to normal security measures, then rob it again. Avoid unnecessary violence (for now).
9 - Purchase a printing press at the crackhouse and make every liberal write for the liberal guardian.
10 - Purchase booby traps at the crackhouse. Do not purchase any other upgrades.
11 - Purchase 6 AR-15s and AR ammo. Do not purchase too much ammo, 3 magazines per liberal is enough. These are only for self-defence, do not equip when robbing banks!
12 - Keep robbing the bank whenever they have normal levels of security. Don't threaten any bystanders, your liberals aren't powerful enough yet to fight off the police!

III. Luring the CCS

13 - With heat being generated from robbing banks, the CCS will eventually attack your bunker, but they will be easy to clean up thanks to the booby traps. Equip the AR-15s, then only fight the conservatives who stepped on the traps. After 2-3 squads killed, they will retreat.
14 - Transfer ALL of the inventory to another safehouse, and move your entire squad to that safehouse. The dead bodies in the crackhouse will generate heat, so the cops eventually raid and dispose the bodies, while also disarming the booby traps.
15 - While waiting, mend whatever armor you've liberated from the conservatives, and wear them for self-defence.
16 - Once the cops have cleaned out the crackhouse, return your liberal squad, have them write for the liberal guardian, and purchase booby traps again.
17 - Arm the liberal squad with pistols, wait for the banks to go low security, rinse and repeat!
Optional - With the juice obtained from robbing banks and killing CCS members, can liberate some more sweatshop workers to write for the liberal guardian or mend armor/clothing. Just remember to give them clothing, and have them do community service to remove negative juice. Also, sell any surplus weapons/clothing liberated from the conservatives at the pawn shop for extra cash.
18 - once you reach $100,000 and gun control is Arch-Conservative, purchase 6 M249 Machine Guns and $10,000 dollars worth of ammo in the Department store, for the best possible weapons. (Note that M249s cannot be concealed)
19 - Train Psychology on your future interrogator liberal by having them go to the university instead of write for the liberal guardian.

IV. Defeating the CCS

Once you have liberated sufficiently good armor from the conservatives and a high Psychology skill, you can kidnap some low HP CCS member sieging your safehouse, force them to reveal CCS locations, enabling you to liberate these safehouses. After liberating 3 CCS safehouses, you've ended the CCS for good! You can eventually finish the game by playing peacefully and having everyone left write for the liberal guardian.

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