Version 4.04.0

recruit.cpp lines 311, 312, 323, 324 : Nothing is keeping the byte value from overflowing from 127 to -128. Result = Talk to someone for 4 months straight and they become unrecruitable for another 4 months.

activities.cpp line 1953 : The "if" is always false. You can't be armed and unarmed at the same time.

justice.cpp line 800 : A sleeper lawyer cannot be this good. When a lawyer is created, their Intelligence and Charisma are capped at 10 each. At 100 juice this becomes 15. "defensepower" can therefore be 130 maximum which is below the required 146.

It is possible to assign prisoners to a squad. The squad can then be send to a safehouse and thus effectively breaks them out of prison.

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