Business (Intelligence)

Trained by:

Selling T-Shirts
Selling Brownies
Being taught Political Activism by another Liberal
Taking classes in Economics
Interrogating a Conservative with Business skill
Recruiting or dating someone with the Business skill.
Being tainted by wisdom while dating someone with business skill.
Choosing option C in Question 8 while creating your founder

Used for:

Sell T-Shirts: Legal fund-raising; depends on Tailoring skill. Business only provides half as much as Tailoring. Liberals wanted for a crime may be arrested while in public.
Selling Brownies: Illegal fund-raising; also depends on Street Sense. Contributes a norma amount of funds. Liberals may be arrested if they fail an average Street sense check.
Sleepers: Increasing Sleeper CEO and Corporate Manager effectiveness at influencing public opinion
Broadcasts: Increasing the effectiveness of broadcasts at the AM Radio Station or Cable News Station
Recruiting: Used to assist convincing convincing potential recruits.
Dating: If the target has a business skill, your business skill is used to increase seduction power.
Interrogation: Used to break through business-minded conservatives.
Resisting Persuasion: Helps Liberals resist conversion attempts by Archconservatives (from CEOs; they use the same skill to make their attack more powerful); helps Conservatives resist interrogation; makes potential recruits less likely to join

Professions with this skill:

Corporate Manager
CEO of a Corporation
CCS Boss
Office Worker


All actions with this skill automatically fail if the skill level is zero.

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