Ceo Photos

A special item that can be found at the CEO Residence. Contains compromising photos of a CEO. Understandably, publishing these in the Liberal Guardian will offend the Corporations and affect the issues of the Liberal Agenda positively. Every single one of them will affect views on CEO Salaries and Corporations.

There are several possible results when publishing in Liberal Guardian, showing the CEO doing different things:
Lewd behavior with animals (Affects Animal Research)
Digging up the dead and engaging in necrophilia
Participating in a murder (Affects Police Behavior)
Engaging in bondage involving a cucumber
Tongue-kissing a Dictator
Making out with an FDA Official (Affects Genetics and Pollution)
Castrating himself
Waving Nazi flags at supremacist rallies
Torturing an employee (Affects views on Sweatshops)
Playing with his own waste matter

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