Close Range Weapons

Here is a list of all the close range weapons, sorted by skill. This list also includes the 4 tools that also function as weapons: Crowbars, Guitars, Molotov Bombs, and Spraycans.

Most close-range weapons have a minimum strength required to wield the weapon without a penalty.

Weapon Name (Future Weapon Name) Skill Damage Strength Required Legality Misc.
Baseball Bat (Spaceball Bat) Club 5-45 6 L+
Crowbar (Forcefield Prybar) Club 10-30 4 L+ Automatically breaks locks
Chain (Industrial Cyber-Arm) Club 5-15 1 L+ Easy to Conceal
Nightstick (Electro-Shock Stick) Club 5-25 4 L+
Dwarven Hammer Club 10-30 8 L+
Maul of Anrin Club 5-45 8 L+
Silver Cross Club 5-15 1 L+
Wizard's Staff Club 5-25 6 L+
Gavel (Laser Gavel) Club 5-10 1 L+ Easy to Conceal
Torch (Burning Flare) Club 5-15 1 L+ Causes burns
Spraypaint (Holo-Paint) Club 5-15 1 L+ Also used for graffiti
Any Pistol, when out of ammo Club 5-10 2 Varies
Any Rifle Or Heavy Weapon, when out of ammo Club 5-25 Varies Varies
Guitar (Cyber-Keytar) Guitar None n/a L+ Enemies gain Heart
Pitchfork (Space Pitchfork) Sword 10-70 6 L+
Molotov Cocktail Thrown 25-125 1 L+ Starts fires
Sword of Morfiegor (Light Sword) Sword 10-110 6 L+
Daisho (Twin Swords of Liberalism) Sword 10-110 6 L+
Axe (Laser Axe) Axe 10-110 6 L+
Knife (Vibro-Knife) Knife 10-70 1 L+ Easy to Conceal , can perform sneak attacks
Shank (Cyber Shank) Knife 10-40 1 L+ Easy to Conceal
Syringe (Medical Injector) Knife 1-5 1 L+ Easy to Conceal
Unarmed Martial Arts 1-6 - L+ High skill gives humans multiple attacks, and increases damage per hit.
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