Computers (Intelligence)

Trained by:

Searching Opinion Polls
Credit Card Fraud
Choosing option D in Question 5 while creating your founder
Choosing option C in Question 10 while creating your founder
Hacking the Supercomputer in the Intelligence HQ
Being taught Covert Ops by another Liberal

Used for:

Searching Opinion Polls: The more skilled the character is in computers, the more accurate the poll numbers will be.
Credit Card Fraud: Higher skill means less chance of detection and more money stolen. However, the more money you steal, the more chance you'll be detected.
Hacking: The higher the skill, the more sensitive the information you'll be able to obtain. At lower levels, you'll just be trolling forums; as things get higher, you'll be shutting down web sites and eventually stealing data from Corporations or even the CIA; this can be printed in the Liberal Guardian.
Hacking the Bank Vault in the Bank. This is a requires a Challenging skill check, from a non-blind hacker. Hacking the vault also requires a security check, and a bank manager with you.
Hacking the Supercomputer in the Intelligence HQ: This requires a Heroic skill check. Yields printable CIA files and a Treason charge. You cannot attempt this unless someone in the squad has eyesight and at least a point of Computer skill.

Professions with this skill:

Lab Tech
College Student


Actions with this skill automatically fail if the skill level is zero. Attempts still train the skill.

Despite the restriction, it is possible to hack websites simply by stuffing enough unskilled computer users on the job (which reduces the difficulty of the activity). Evading tracing remains just as difficult, making this tactic extremely high risk.

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