Corporate HQ

Location: Outskirts of the City.


Common Encounters:
Security Guard, Corporate Manager, Secretary, Janitor, Programmer

Important Encounters:

High Security:
Guard Dogs will also appear

Response Type
presumed Police

Valid Disguises:

Expensive Suit/Dress, Security Uniform

[U]seable Tiles:

Corporate Safe ("SAFE", crack it). Full of Secret Corporate Files, use Security to open.

Site Issues:

Corporate Regulation, possibly CEO Compensation as well; publishing the Secret Corporate Files can affect several issues

Effects of Shutdown:

Corporate raids are not possible while the site is shut down.

Loot to be Found:

PDA (~32%)
Laptop (~32%)
Cellphone (~32%)
Secret Corporate Files (2%)


The Corporate HQ is a maze crawling with Conservative automata and their oppressed wage-slaves. Nevertheless, they leave expensive toys lying around, and the Safe's Secret Corporate Files are always good fodder for a Special Edition. Liberals with 10+ Security may find safecracking a comparatively safe way to gain Juice, though each attempt (successful or not) attaches a Theft charge.
Safes are full of Secret Corporate Files (worth $1000 apiece), but very hard to crack.

On the Outskirts of the City
Prison · Nuclear Power Plant · Intelligence HQ
Corporate HQ · CEO Residence · Army Base · Bunker
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