Cosmetics Lab

Located University District.


Common Encounters:
Lab Tech, Corporate Manager, Janitor, Secretary.

Important Encounters:
Security Guard,Eminent Scientist

High Security:
More Security Guards

Response Type

Valid Disguises:

Lab Coat.
Security and Police Uniforms offer partial disguise.

[U]seable Tiles:

Cages: you can open the cages to let loose the poor fluffy rabbits that they routinely torment with painful, experimental cosmetics. Opening cages here is completely safe to do, but gives less juice than the cages in the Genetics Lab.

Site Issues:

Animal Rights

Loot to be Found:

Lab Equipment (~47%)
Laptop (~38%)
Research Papers (5%)
Weird Chemical (~4%)
PDA (~4%)


This laboratory is used to perform horrific cosmetic tests on poor hapless animals "for the beautification of mankind". Scientific conservatives can be found here, and

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