Crack House

Location: Industrial District

Common Encounters:
Crack Head, Prostitute, Transient, Mutant (based on Pollution/Nuclear laws), Gang Member (guaranteed Conservative)

Other Encounters:
none clearly known

Response Type:

Valid Disguises:
none needed; the Crack House is considered public space

[U]seable Tiles:

Site issues:
presumably Drug Policy, though you shouldn't be raiding the Crack House for the policy-effect

The other base level recruiting area; this one focuses on the seamier side of life. Causing enough disruption, via graffiti or violence, in the area will let you take over the crack house as a Safehouse; though its Secrecy is on par with that of the Homeless Shelter, it is upgradeable should you require a third such location.

Conservative gangsters can be found here; although they can be attacked and become suspicious or alarmed like any other conservative, they also sell a variety of guns, including illegal ones, and ammunition for them. However, as they are conservatives, the squad must encourage them to leave if it wants to take over the building. Simply attracting Police response onto the site works well enough.

The Industrial District
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