Dating is a form of recruitment used by liberals to get extra soldiers/love slaves even without enough Juice The chance of success is influenced by mainly Seduction.
Liberals going on dates have several options:

Spend $100 on the date. Increases chances of success and allows the Liberal to show off xyz skills: every skill that the Liberal shares with the target and has at a similar level (0.5-2x target's level) grants a bonus to the Seduction roll.
Spend no money on the date. Depends entirely on Seduction.
Spend a week on a vacation. The Liberal will be off-site for a week. This also increases the chance of success.
Break it off. This ends the date without any possible negative consequences. Useful when you aren't pleased with the date's stats, are getting dates just to train Seduction, or have seduced someone who may turn your Liberal in to the police.
Kidnap the date (only available for Conservative dates). May or may not succeed. Easier for Liberals who have weapons equipped and are targeting weak Conservatives. Bear in mind that Conservatives who would normally be armed will not bring their weapons on a date.

The mechanics of the actual date are basically the Liberal's Seduction roll pus 1.5x Heart and any skill/vacation bonuses, v. the target's Wisdom roll, with bonuses for Religion/Business/Science skills. If you aren't at least as good as they are, they break it off. If you're twice as good, you've got them. Otherwise, you may increase the target's Heart.

A date may have several possible outcomes.

The date may join the LCS as a Love Slave, either a sleeper or a normal member.
The date may decide they want to see the Liberal again. The next date will happen on the next day.
The date may break off the relationship.
The date may be successfully kidnapped. The date becomes a hostage at the Liberal's safehouse.
A kidnapping may fail. This results in the Liberal in the police station with a Kidnapping charge added to his record.
The date may have been a police sting. This only happens to Liberals who already have a police record and who are dating a member of the police, and potentially results in the Liberal's arrest.
The Liberal will learn skills from their date, including Business, Religion, and Science.
A Liberal dating a Conservative may gain Wisdom.

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