Department Store

Location Commercial District

The LCS can buy various consumer goods here. Clothing is not gender specific, so a guy can wear a dress and not elicit alarm or draw charges. (Even in the Nightmare, some small bastions of Liberality remain.)

You cannot cause trouble in a Department Store, whether for theft, destruction of property, or violence.

As of version 4.06.5, you can buy Liberal Turtlenecks, Liberal tools (chains, axes, etc.), not-as-Liberal guns (M249 Machine Gun, Desert Eagle, and others), and ammo, depending on the Gun Control laws. This is the only legal source of M249s and Desert Eagles, the others involving raiding armories and robbing/killing CEOs respectively. Bear in mind that you are also paying for the overhead, and that [batteries] are not included.

Please consider the Conservative implications of buying an M249 in the same store wherein you'd buy a riding lawnmower or a washing machine. What sort of society will you leave for the Child Workers and Teenagers?



Black Turtleneck
Cheap Suit
Expensive Suit
Black Suit
Cheap Dress
Expensive Dress
Black Dress



Sporting Goods

Baseball Bat
MP5 (C+)
.44 Magnum (C)
AR-15 (C)
DE50AE (C)
M16 (C+)
M249 (C+)

Ammo Counter (Ammunition availability comparable to firearms)

9mm SMG
M249 Drum

The Commercial District
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