Dodge is a skill which lets you avoid enemy attacks. The skill is based on, and limited by, a Liberal's Agility. As Agility increases allowing higher higher Dodge scores, your Liberals can dodge not just melee attacks but also bullets. Truly, the power of Liberal convictions is immense.

In general, unarmed attacks are easier to dodge than armed attacks, which are easier to dodge than firearms. However, if your opponent has skills in the relevant weapon, dodging becomes harder. A highly-skilled opponent can get past your Dodge skill even with unarmed attacks (Agents are particularly good at getting through your defenses, even if they aren't carrying weapons).

Training this Skill

Dodge can be trained by taking classes in Gymnastics at the University. Liberals can teach Dodge skill to each other by teaching Urban Warfare.

If you don't have access to university classes or can't take the time to use them, this skill is risky to train. Most players will want to train Dodge in some way other than University classes, at least after the first few points, because of how slow University classes tend to be at higher levels.

When training Dodge, remember:

  • Your Liberals must find an opponent who will not kill them while they are training. Even at high Dodge skill, one bullet to the head can kill.
  • Starting a fight will cause an Alarmed alert level immediately, even when it is done with Music (making it not a crime). Waiting too long on location will cause the usual reinforcements and car chase.

It is best to train Dodge against Conservatives without firearms. Your Liberals may either fight back (weaponless, ideally, to prevent from killing the Conservative too quickly), or simply stand there (press the 's' key to wait) and attempt to dodge attacks.

Choose your targets wisely. When Gun Control is at moderate or better, it's usually easy to tell who will be carrying a gun: Police, soldiers, gang members, mercenaries, and other professional fighters. At C or C+ Gun Control, however, practically any Conservative opponent may be carrying a gun, and the choice of opponents gets harder.

Conservatives who carry no guns even at C or C+ Gun Control laws include:
Army Veteran (Will use his high hand-to-hand skill instead. Dangerous but not usually lethal)
Dancer (Has high Agility and Health)
Nun (Unarmed)
Priest (Unarmed)
Teenager (Unarmed)
Most Arch-Conservatives, who will instead attempt to convert your Liberals. Risky and not worth it. The CEO carries a gun.
Guard Dog (uses a bite attack which is somewhat more dangerous than an unarmed attack)
Genetic Monsters. Avoid Flaming Rabbits, with their fire-breathing attack, and beware that they are usually in large groups and may have extremely good Strength and Agility.
Nonunion Worker (Carries a Chain rather than a firearm)
Angry Juror (Deliberately upsetting a jury is usually not worth it, though you may take the opportunity if it's presented)
Fire Fighter (Carries an axe, making him dangerous even without a gun. Their C+ counterparts, the Firemen, carry flamethrowers and should not be toyed with.)
Prisoner (Carries a shank)

Checking for Weapons
Attempting to kidnap a Conservative is one way to check for weapons. If a conservative is carrying a weapon, your Liberals will be informed that he is too dangerous to kidnap. If you are given the opportunity to kidnap, he is unarmed. Press "enter" to opt out of kidnapping at this point and engage in fighting as usual.

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