Fallout Shelter

This is the CCS' Industrial District safehouse, and the second the LCS will discover.

Loot: Cheap clothing, firearms, Kitschy Trinkets
Spawns: CCS members, Confused Liberals*, Radio Personality, CCS Boss.
Disguises: Surprisingly little in the way of formal dress-policy, though given the various guises and class levels of CCS members, not unrealistic. Custom armors will be accepted just fine as of 4.06.3, though Heavy Body Armor will be disturbing.

*as of 4.06.3, you may encounter Prostitutes and Priests on-site. If you seduce them, you'll find that that their stats are those of a Liberal, despite their showing up in Conservative Red and resisting discussion about the issues. It's as though the Conservatives are somehow capturing and brainwashing innocent Liberals…

A potential source of the best armor in the game, due to the chance to contain the CCS Boss. Most hostiles will be armed, though Priests and Radio Personalities are not. Depending on the current power of the CCS, members may be armed with equipment up to army body armor and military grade weapons; actual Soldiers aren't uncommon. Most members will be of moderate combat skill (several skills at 5-10) and have fairly high wisdom (so it will be hard to get someone inside successfully).

You can covertly raid the facility to Liberate the CCS' gear, or send an assault team to bring Liberal justice to these terrorists. Such a team should be the full 6 Liberals, in a vehicle with at least one reasonably-skilled driver, with at least Army/SWAT armor and decent weaponry. Rifles, heavy pistols, or melee weaponry/Martial Arts at 12+ Strength and reasonable skill should be adequate.

Leaving a reserve leader behind in case of overwhelming disaster makes sense, and likewise you should not send all your good weapons/troops on this raid—like all actions, risk only what you can afford to lose.

In all, this is one of the more dangerous areas, though the absence of guard dogs tends to make life safer here than the Army Base, CEO Residence, or Intelligence HQ.

The Industrial District
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