Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My founder is in jail. What do I do?
A: You can elect to wait for his release (if it's a short sentence/he's not sentenced to death) or free him from his Conservative cell. He is being held at the prison at the on-the-outskirts-of-the-city.

Q: One of my Liberals lost his ability to walk due to a broken neck! What do I do?
A: Activate him to procure a wheelchair by pressing S. He will then be able to act normally… except engaging in combat.

Q: My founder has lost a leg/nose/tooth/what-have-you. How do I fix this?
A: There are no plastic/dental/what-have-you surgeons in the LCS world. These damages are permanent.

Q: My character is bleeding to death! Help!
A: If you don't have any characters on-site with the First Aid skill, you should head for the exit as fast as possible. After your characters are evacuated, you can either wait for them to heal, you can have other characters who know First Aid heal them, or you can send them to the Free Clinic or University Hospital, both in the University District.

Q: What does skill X do?
A: Check for yourself.

Q: My character got arrested while selling brownies. What gives?
A: "Brownies" in the LCS world are special adult brownies that open magical shimmering doorways to the adamantium pits. They are illegal because the chemical processes involved in creating them are identical to the processes used to create most street drugs.

Q: Abandoned buildings are unavailable because a group was wiped out in a siege; they've been (Under Siege) for years now even though they've been unoccupied. How do I get them back?
A: Choose them - by pressing Z several times - and select "Give Up".

Q: I've gotten some secret files; How do I publish them?
A: You'll have to establish your own newspaper site. Select one of the abandoned buildings in the Industrial District, and purchase a printing press. Stash your secret files at your new newspaper site, and, at the end of the month, you'll be given the opportunity to publish them.

Q: Is there a way to plant sleepers without kidnapping? I seduced a conservative but can't figure out how to get her to go back to work.
A: The latest version allows you to turn any love slave or normal recruit into sleepers. Simply choose that option after you've recruited them.

Q: I'm having difficulty figuring out who and how to recruit! Where should I start?
A: Go to the Vegan Co-Op in the University District and talk to Hippies about the issues. They are the easiest to recruit, and you'll find the most Hippies there. After you leave, you will have conversations with the interested ones (careful: there is a limit to how many people your Liberal can talk to each evening). Choose option "B" on the recruitment screen until they are ready to fight for the Liberal Cause, at which point you choose option "D" for everyone you consider worthy. As your founder (or whomever is recruiting) gets more experienced in the art of persuasion, you will have more success recruiting other types of people.

Q: How can I train fighting skills without raising heat ?
A: Heat is only raised if killing is murder so you won't raise it if the targets are non-human or it is self-defense. Early in the game, you can raid the Genetics Lab and release monsters. There is a 50% chance, that you will be surrounded by up to six hostile monsters, that can be killed without committing murder. You may have to kill a security guard on your way out, but you will generally get more hits with less heat than killing some conservatives. Later, you can let the CCS, or the corporations raid a booby trapped safehouse, if you are able to fight them of. This counts as self-defense, as long the raiding faction is not the police. There is however a chance, that the police will come instead, so a sleeper at the police station is important, so you can leave before that happens.

Q: I've spent fifty years playing this game, and I've got the populace fully motivated and convinced about Liberalism, but I can't get Congress to flip to Elite Liberal! What am I doing wrong!?
A: Unfortunately, you're playing an older version of LCS; this was a nasty bug back in 3.15. More recent versions, obtainable on this wiki's main page, do not possess this bug, nor many other bugs common in the earlier versions. You should switch to the latest version in order to best enjoy this great game.

Q: What determines who can replace my founder?
A: Bare minimum is Juice 100. If more than one individual can replace the founder, the game will pick one based on these three factors. You may find it useful not to risk your founder until somebody meets one of these criteria, otherwise founder death is game over!

Q: The game crashes during elections, what shall I do?
A: You can try to reload and wait again and again; often that will solve the problem. If nothing works, the last resort is disbanding (press L in the basemode menu, then D). Be warned, that you will lose most members while disbanding. A preventive measure is a technique called "savescumming". Just go to your LCS directory and make a backup copy of your SAVE.DAT file. If the game is stuck during elections, replace the SAVE.DAT with the backup copy. This works best if the backup is several months (game time) old, as the bug happens if the current political opinion has certain values, so there must be enough time to change the opinion before the elections happen.

Q: Why can't I deprive my hostages of sleep, food, or water?
A: That's a feature in the older versions of LCS.

Q: Why is this game so awesome!?
A: Because we have the best community in the whole world!!!

Q: I have a question not addressed in this FAQ or on the Wiki! Can you help me!?
A: We sure can. Just take a gander at http://www.bay12games.com/forum/?board=3 and ask your question there. We'll do our best to help.

This page refers to version: 4.01.4

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