Fire Station

Located Downtown.


Common Encounters:
Fire Fighter, Fireman (C+ Free Speech), Janitor

Other Encounters
Nurse, Journalist, Priest.

High Security:
Police Officers appear.

Response Type

Valid Disguises:

Work Clothes, Bunker Armor, Police Uniform (partial)

[U]seable Tiles:


Site Issues:

Free Speech (C+ only).

Effects of Shutdown:

No fireman Sieges while the site is shut down.

Loot to be Found:

Kitschy Trinket (48%)
Laptop (48%)
Bunker Gear (4%)

Effects of Law Changes

When Free Speech is at C+, this location becomes the Fireman HQ and they will lay siege on any location that produces liberal news (Special Editions in the paper, or even just writing news).


When this location is the Fireman HQ, Firefighters may come equipped with a M2A1-7 as well as Fireaxes and Bunker Armor.

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