All firearms can be used as clubs when empty. This uses the Club skill and does 5-25 damage.

Weapon Name (Future Weapon Name) Skill Damage Ammo Type Legality Misc.
.38 Revolver (.38 Slug Pistol) Pistol 10-150 .38 Speedloader (.38 Slug Mag) (6) L
.44 Magnum (.44 Heavy Slug Pistol) Pistol 10-285 .44 Speedloader (.44 Heavy Slug Mag) (6) C
9mm Semiauto (9mm Laser Pistol) Pistol 10-190 9mm Pistol Mag (9mm Powerpack) (15) M
.45 Semiauto (.45 Laser Pistol) Pistol 10-190 .45 Pistol Mag (.45 Powerpack) (15) M
Desert Eagle Pistol 10-310 .50AE Pistol Mag (7) C
M16 (X15 Military Laser) Rifle 10-260 (3 Attacks) Aslt/Rifle Mag (Rifle Powerpack) (30) C+
AK-47 (P74 War Laser) Rifle 10-260 (3 Attacks) Aslt/Rifle Mag (Rifle Powerpack) (30) C+
AR-15 (X15 Personal Laser) Rifle 10-260 Aslt/Rifle Mag (Rifle Powerpack) (30) C
M4 Carbine (J4 Laser Carbine) Rifle 10-230 (3 Attacks) Aslt/Rifle Mag (Rifle Powerpack) (30) C+
Shotgun (Plasma Burstgun) Shotgun 10-220 6 Shotgun Shells (Shotgun Plasma Pack) (6) L+
MP5 SMG (Beijing Prince SMG) SMG 10-190 (3 Attacks) 9mm SMG Mag (SMG Powerpack) (15) C+
M2 Flamethrower (Plasma Gun) Heavy Weapons 50-250 Gas Tank (Hydrogen Fuel) (2) n/a Never Legal; Starts Fires
M249 Machine Gun (Chaingun) Heavy Weapons 10-301 (5 attacks) MachinGun Drum (Chaingun Belt) (100) C+

Reprinted verbatim from Johnathan S Fox's thorough, but now outdated description

LCS Guns (by skill)


All pistols have the same accuracy table:

Skill 0: 47.5%
Skill 5: 59.2%
Skill 10: 68.8%
Skill 20: 81.7%
Skill 30: 87.6%

9mm and .45:

The 9mm and .45 pistols are distinguished by the type of ammunition they

take. Both have magazines containing enough bullets for fifteen shots. They

do moderate damage.

.22 Revolver:
The .22 is the least damaging gun, combining low damage with a small ammo
capacity. It contains only six shots. It still does more damage than any melee
weapon if the character is not especially strong. It is also cheap, and is only
illegal when the gun control issue is in elite liberal status.

.44 Magnum Revolver:
The .44 Magnum is the most damaging gun for a single hit other than the
shotgun. This is offset by its relatively high price and small six shot ammo

Pistols can be concealed under almost any clothing.


Has the same damage as the 9mm pistol, plus multi-hit capability and
is very easy for an unskilled user to use. Although SMG magazines contain
15 bullets, its high rate of fire causes the MP5 to chew through each
magazine in only five turns. The MP5 is the only multi-hit weapon that
can be concealed under a trenchcoat.

Point and spray functionality makes it the most accurate weapon in the
game for scoring at least one hit, but at the cost of rapidly burning
ammunition. It requires considerably more skill to control the SMG for
multiple hits than for other automatic weapons.

MP5 Accuracy (1 hit / 2 hit / 3 hit):

Skill 0: 66.0% / 34.0% / 11.3%
Skill 5: 75.2% / 45.4% / 18.3%
Skill 10: 82.3% / 56.5% / 27.5%
Skill 20: 90.3% / 72.9% / 48.2%
Skill 30: 93.4% / 81.6% / 63.5%


Pump Shotgun:
The shotgun has high damage and can blow limbs apart. The first number
is the chance to hit the enemy. This type of hit is between a semiautomatic
pistol shot and the first hit from the M4 Carbine in damage. The second
number is the critical hit chance. If a critical hit is scored, damage is
increased to the highest single-hit damage of any weapon in the game,
save for some melee weapons (and that depends on the character). The
shotgun can dismember or blow apart targets if damage is high enough
and a critical hit is scored. The pump shotguns used in LCS contain six
shells before they have to be reloaded. Shotguns are never illegal, and can
be concealed under a trenchcoat.

Pump Shotgun Accuracy (Hit / Critical):

Skill 0: 57.3% / 19.1%
Skill 5: 67.7% / 22.6%
Skill 10: 76.0% / 25.3%
Skill 20: 86.4% / 28.8%
Skill 30: 90.8% / 30.3%


M4 Carbine:
The M4 is basically a shorter and lighter version of the M16. It is ideally suited
for close quarters combat, and achieves a higher accuracy rate in these conditions.
The M4 is the third most deadly gun in the game in terms of sheer damage potential,
next to the M16 and AK47, and it hits it full damage potential more often. Like its
heavier cousins, it is capable of destroying limbs outright when all three shots hit.
The M4 is a weapon of choice for police SWAT units and military Special Forces.

M4 Accuracy (1 hit / 2 hit / 3 hit):

Skill 0: 57.3% / 42.8% / 30.0%
Skill 5: 67.7% / 54.6% / 45.8%
Skill 10: 76.0% / 64.8% / 56.2%
Skill 20: 86.4% / 78.9% / 69.6%
Skill 30: 90.8% / 85.7% / 79.1%

M16 and AK47:
The M16 and AK47 are assault rifles designed for military use. They have the
highest single-hit damage of any gun except the .44 Magnum and the Shotgun
critical hits, but combine this with the ability to hit up to three times in each
round, and the ability to destroy limbs if all three hits connect, giving them the
most absolute firepower of any gun in the game. These are heavy weapons that
are designed for use in outdoor conditions at much longer ranges than the urban
setting of LCS.

M16/AK47 Accuracy (1 hit / 2 hit / 3 hit):

Skill 0: 52.5% / 38.3% / 26.3%
Skill 5: 63.5% / 50.0% / 36.5%
Skill 10: 72.5% / 60.7% / 47.8%
Skill 20: 84.2% / 76.0% / 66.3%
Skill 30: 89.3% / 83.1% / 77.0%

The original AR-15 was the basis for the M16 and M4. It has the full single-hit
damage and accuracy of the M16, and uses the same large (30 bullet) magazines, but only fires a single bullet each time the trigger is pulled. This gives the
AR-15 the smallest "down time" of all of the guns.

AR-15 Accuracy:

Skill 0: 52.5%
Skill 5: 63.5%
Skill 10: 72.5%
Skill 20: 84.2%
Skill 30: 89.3%

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