Garment Makers

Garment makers (Sweatshop)

Location: Industrial District

Common Encounters:
Sweatshop Worker, Security Guard (High Security)

Other Encounters:
Security Guard

Response Type:

Valid Disguises:
Naked, Security Uniform

[U]seable Tiles:
Machinery ("Equip", Vandalize)

Site Issues:
Labor Law, Immigration

Releasing sweatshop workers can fill up your squad, but will make any Conservatives present angry. (They aren't always top-flight recruits, either.) You can pose as a sweatshop worker by taking off your clothes and being stark naked.

The Fine Cloth found here sells reasonably well by itself, though its real power is the 50% off discount to Liberals activated for Making Clothes. Since petty thefts and vandalism are both good Juice-raisers for freshly recruited Liberals, the sweatshop is a reasonable target for early-game raids.

The Industrial District
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