Genetics Lab

Located University District.


Common Encounters:
Lab Tech, Corporate Manager, Janitor, Secretary, Office Worker

Important Encounters:
Eminent Scientist, Security Guard

Special Encounters:
Warped Bear, Flaming Rabbit, Giant Mosquito, Something Bad, Mad Cow, Genetic Nightmare

High Security:
More Security Guards

Response Type

Valid Disguises:

Lab Coat, Security Uniform (partial)

[U]seable Tiles:

Cages. You can open the cages to let loose the poor creatures that the conservatives have been torturing here. Due to their increased ferocity, releasing genetically modified critters is considered a Jucier act than releasing cute fluffy rabbits.

Site Issues:

Animal Rights, Genetic Research

Loot to be Found:

Lab Equipment (~47%)
Laptop (~38%)
Research Papers (5%)
Weird Chemical (~4%)
PDA (~4%)

Effects of Law Changes

With Animal Right C+, Genetic Monsters/Nightmares will appear in the site


This laboratory is used to perform horrific genetic tests on hapless animals "for the betterment of mankind". Scientific conservatives can be found here.

Be wary, some genetic monsters will be hostile when released. Particularly strong-willed Liberals may be able to communicate with those pain-wracked & scared creatures, though…

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