Gentleman's Club

Located Downtown.


Common Encounters:
Any High Level Conservative, Club Security.
If CCS in active: Country Boy, Hick, Redneck, Rube, Yokel (all dirguised CCS members.)

High Security: Enforcers

Response Type

Valid Disguises:

Expensive Suit, Security Uniform, Black Suit
Expensive Dress (Woman's Rights L), Black Dress (Woman's Rights L)

Site Issues:

Women's Rights, Tax Code

Loot to be Found:


Effects of Law Changes

At Woman's right L, Women can enter the club


The Gentleman's Club/Cigar Bar is a Arch-Conservative hangout. There are two Bouncers at the front door, and you will need a good disguise (expensive suit/dress) and disguise skill to enter. If you fail the check and you will not be able to enter without violence. Club Security are common, as are various conservative workers. You will automatically be using disguise or stealth here, and can cause alarm just by being there. Should you successfully enlighten a bouncer, your sleeper can let you in without the initial door-policy check (so, Liberals presenting as Female can get in just fine via a sleeper).

This is a good place to find idle Conservative Crime Squad members, look for Rednecks, Yokels, Country Boys, and Mail Carriers. When times are conservative enough, women are not permitted into the club. Children under 18, Dogs, and Genetic Monsters are also not permitted into the club.

If the club is at High Security the Club Security will be replaced with Enforcers who will reject you no matter what you are wearing

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