Hacking is an activity, the most highly illegal form of Liberal Activism, carrying very long prison sentences. You can't get arrested while doing it, but it is sure to bring the Police on a Raid wherever you are if you do too much of it for too long. You need a lot of the Computers skill to be effective. More hackers will increase the chance of success, but also the chance of detection. Since it is the most illegal form of Liberal Activism, Hacking probably also has the biggest impact on Public Opinion. Hacking boosts your Computers skill a lot and can max it out quickly.

When a day starts, your group of hackers band together to make skill checks - the best result from any hacker is used for the day, and is used to determine the hack type and ability to evade being tracked.

Hacking is divided into two types of hacks - major and minor. The version of the hack is chosen based on the best skill result, with a result greater than Heroic to perform a major hack, and Formidable to perform a minor hack. The difficulty of initiating a hack decreases as you add more hackers, thus allowing completely unskilled individual to perform the greatest of hacks simply through sheer weight, despite the normal restriction to automatically fail an untrained skill check. (The reduced difficulty does not apply to being tracked.)

If the group performs a major hack, the chance of being tracked is high, requiring the to clear a Formidable or Superheroic skill check to evade (and in some cases, tracking may be unavoidable). A major hack awards 10 or 25 juice, up to a total of 200, and there is a chance to obtain secret files that can be published in the liberal guardian special edition.

In a minor hack, the difficult of being traced fluctuates between Hard, Formidable, and Heroic. Because of how the skill system works, a minor hack is usually traced half of the time. You gain 5 juice, up to 100.

If the hackers are traced, everyone participating in the activity get tagged for participating in the crime. Hacking tends to attract attention if caught, and can rapidly increase heat if you leave them idle too long.

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