Heal Liberals

To Heal Liberals, you need at least a First Aid skill of 1.00, and the more you Heal Liberals, the higher your First Aid skill can get until it maxes out. Using Heal Liberals is an alternative to using the Free Clinic or the University Hospital, both located in the University District. If you want more people to be able to do First Aid and Heal Liberals, you should just have 1 person use Heal Liberals a lot to get their First Aid skill really high, and then have them teach that skill to everyone else (which will require plenty of money, since teaching is expensive). Of course, to Heal Liberals, someone has to be injured and they have to be at the same location as the person doing the healing. Ironically enough, you can also heal Conservative hostages by doing this activity. This may help to undo the damage of a very harsh Interrogation so that your hostage does not end up dead. If you want to recruit someone with the requisite First Aid skill needed for this activity, try recruiting a Doctor or Nurse; sometimes other recruits come with this skill but Doctors and Nurses always do.

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