Heat is a property of persons and locations, that attracts raids. Persons acquire heat from committing certain crimes, and deliver it to locations, that slowly times out. The current heat of a location can be seen in "Go [F]orth to stop evil" menu.

The mechanics of heat are very different in the stable release (4.7.0) and the beta version (4.7.4).

Heat of Persons and safehouses

  • Persons acquire heat by committing crimes. Not all crimes deliver heat, some like armed assault have no effect, others like murder increase heat, terrorism and treason give much heat
  • The probability of a police raid increases with the heat of a location.
  • Corporations, CIA and Rednecks can only raid locations with heat should they be offended. The amount of heat doesn't matter.
  • The CCS raids locations with heat. The amount of heat doesn't matter. They need not to be offended.
  • Firemen are the only factions that attack without heat,should they be offended. They simply attack the Printing press whether there is heat or not.
  • Corpses and hostages at a location increase heat directly
  • If the Police Station is closed down, heat doesn't increase, but can still time out.

Heat in 4.7.0

  • Persons with a heat greater than 100 increase the heat of the location where they are. In that process, their heat times out until it reaches 100.
  • The heat that is delivered to the locations is reduced by the heat protection of the location.
  • Police raids can occur if any heat is at a location, one is enough. They are however improbable at low heat, as the probability rises with the heat. (low heat will more likely attract the CCS)
  • Liberals doing community services reduce their heat by one, each day. This is the only way to get the heat below 100, to get some leeway for future crimes.

Heat in 4.7.4

  • The heat of locations approaches exponentially to the sum of heat of all persons residing there. Heat protections has no effect on this.
  • Persons lose 4 heat per day, until it reaches 0
  • Police raids can only occur, if the heat protection of a location is lower than its heat. Then, their probability increases with the heat. The probability is generally higher that in 4.7.0
  • community services have no effect on heat

Heat protection of safehouses

  • Apartments have a higher heat protections, the better the quarter of the town is.
  • Warehouses and the crackhouse can increase their heat protection significantly if you build a business front
  • The Homeless Shelter has a low heat protection.
  • Conquered CCS safehouses have a good heat protection
  • Flying the American flag ([P]atriotism) increase the heat protection of any safehouse. If flag burning is illegal, the effect is even stronger.

Heat protection in 4.7.0

  • Heat protection decreases, the more persons are in a safehouse

Heat protection in 4.7.4

  • The number of persons have no effect on heat protection

Heat for crimes

Crime Heat
Kidnapping 20
Murder 20
Theft 0
Breaking and Entering 0
Terrorism (messing with the Nuclear Power Plant) 100
Jury Tempering 0
Treason (publishing CIA- or Army- secret files) 100
Escaping from Prison 50
Helping to escape from Prison 50
Resisting the Police 10
Extortion (threatening a Landlord) 20
Flag Burning 0
Harmful speach 0
Vandalism 0
Assault/Armed Assault 0
Car Theft 0
Electronic Sabotage (Hacking) 50
Credit Card fraud 0
Selling Drugs 50
Illegal Burying 0
Prostitution 0
Disturbing the Peace 0
Hiring illegal Aliens 0
Racketeering (beeing the Boss of an arrested Liberal) 50
Loitering 0
Arson 50
Public Nudity 0
Bank Robbery 20
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