Homeless Shelter

Homeless Shelter

Location: Industrial District


Common Encounters:
Transient, Gang Member, Nurse, Secretary, Mutant (depending on Pollution/Nuclear laws), Crack Head, probably others

Other Encounters:
Just about any low-level encounter

Valid Disguises:

none needed, building is considered public space

[U]seable Tiles:


Site Issues:


Starting safehouse. Good location for initial base level recruiting; if Mutants are available, this is the place to look. Almost everyone here can be persuaded by talking about the issues. The homeless shelter is very likely to be raided by police if you have a lot of wanted Liberals here, as it is the first place that police will look for criminals (Conservatively knowing that the homeless are the cause of all of the crime in the country).

You can fly a flag for the Secrecy boost, though, and if you have one or two high-Heat Liberals you may consider stationing them here for a few days to transfer some of their Heat to the Shelter, rather than slow-burning it at your primary safehouses.

When visiting the homeless shelter, if the squad is already at the homeless shelter you will simply look around in infiltration mode. Otherwise, you will be prompted whether you want to use it as a (S)afe house, to cause (T)rouble, or (B)oth — causing trouble will enter the shelter in infiltration mode, but there are no Conservatives to attack.

The Industrial District
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