Intelligence HQ

Location: Outskirts of the City.


Common Encounters:
Agent, Guard Dog, Programmer, Secretary, Janitor

High Security:
More Agents and Guard Dogs?

Response Type

Valid Disguises:

Black Suit, presumably Black Dress at L/L+ Women's Rights
Police Uniform offers partial dirguise.

[U]seable Tiles:

CIA Supercomputer ("INTEL", Hack)

Site Issues:

Privacy Rights; publishing the Disc or Documents can affect several issues if you're willing to take the risk

Effects of Shutdown:

Agents raids are not possible while the site is shut down.

Loot to be Found:

Cellphone (~30%)
PDA (~30%)
Laptop (~30%)
Secret Documents (~4%)
Weapons (~4%): M2 Flamethrowers (only in Ministry of Love?), .45 semi, MP5, M4, M16.
Heavy Ceramic Armor (~3%)

Effects of Law Changes

At C+ Death Penalty and Police Regulation, the site will become "The Ministry of Love"


Generally considered the most dangerous location in-game, likely due to the omnipresent Agents & Guard Dogs. Agents have high-powered hardware and the skills to match.

The "INTEL" CIA Supercomputer can be hacked and any attempt will attach a Treason charge, successful or not. Success results in an Intel HQ Data Disc, which is functionally equivalent to Secret Documents for the Liberal Guardian's Special Editions, but is worth more if sold. There may be other files available, too, if you're playing that sort of game…

If the CCS is active, you can find a 'CCS Backer List', which, when published, will either kill or permanently cripple CCS support. See the CCS page for more details.

On the Outskirts of the City
Prison · Nuclear Power Plant · Intelligence HQ
Corporate HQ · CEO Residence · Army Base · Bunker
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