Juice is the Liberal Crime Squad's term for chutzpah, cojones, guts, ballsiness, and any other large number of unquantifiable concepts which mean the same thing: a person's ability to take risks in the Holy name of Liberalism (assuming Holiness wasn't right-wing nonsense), and the person's dedication to unthinking action (the Liberal way!). In LCS, any of a number of activities can increase your squad members' juice, but the largest increases of juice come from infiltration. Anyone in a squad receives an equal amount of juice whenever they perform an activity with that squad.

In gamer terms, juice is the collective experience of the squad member.


Juice is important in Liberal Crime Squad because it controls a number of factors :

  1. Your Liberal Rank, from Society's Dregs to Activist and beyond — a cosmetic benefit only.
  2. The maximum number of followers you can have — your recruitment cap — which is a critical benefit and absolutely necessary to meet the increasing Conservative threat.
  3. A liberal needs to have high Juice in order to take over when the founder dies, 100 to be exact.
  4. Your stats go higher and lower when your juice does! Each rank above Activist gives a 10% bonus, and each rank above Civilian adds 1 to the stat.

Increasing juice

Juice is gained by anything which would make a right-wing Conservative think, “By Jove, that man is insane!” (because naturally, a Conservative would not be open-minded enough to say “man or woman or hermaphrodite or trans person”).

The generally safe activities like selling brownies or liberal disobedience are nowhere near as effective at increasing juice as the truly Liberal activities like murder, theft, and destruction of property during infiltration. These activities can increase a Liberal's juice, but only to a certain extent.

Losing juice

Some activities which are particularly degrading to a Liberal's freedom may actually decrease that Liberal's juice; most notable of this is prostitution, as a true Liberal should be no one's bitch!

Juice table

Activity Juice Up/Down To
Community Service
Always +1 10
CIA break-in +25 200
Other major hack +10 200
Minor hack +5 100
Finishing a Mural
Art skill roll : (3d6)
result : 3-5 1 20
result : 6-8 2 40
result : 18 6 120
Liberal Disobedience
Posting pictures or distributing fliers +1 40
Other +2 40
Getting beaten up by a mob −10
Scaring off a mob with a weapon +5 20
Beating up a mob +30 300
Stealing a car
SUV or police car +2 100
1/9 chance and fail Average Street Sense check −1 -20
Avoiding a sting operation +5 0
Getting arrested −7 -30
Getting ambushed by the dates −5
Mixing up names when double dating −10
Defending yourself very badly −10
Defending yourself successfully +10 100
Defending yourself very well +50 1000
Being convicted without plea +25 200
Being subjected to re-education −50 100
Lover separated from contact (exactly one in prison) -1 -50/abandon
Failed infiltration check -1 -3 (Made homeless)
Completing sly/theft task 10 100
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