Liberal Disobedience

Liberal Disobedience is a semi-legal activity activity and a form of Liberal Activism. Liberals assigned to disobedience may perform several different actions - some legal, some misdemeanors. The skills street sense and persuasion will increase effectiveness. Police may arrest troublemakers, and even worse, liberals that are unarmed and unskilled at martial arts may get beaten by angry rednecks. However, successful disobedience may grant juice until the Liberal's juice reaches 40, making disobedience a good initiation rite for new recruits.

Liberal Disobedience may yield positive opinion changes in the following issues:

  • Animal rights
  • Gay rights
  • Abortion
  • Police brutality
  • Nuclear power
  • Pollution
  • Death penalty
  • Human rights

If none of the activists has the skills street sense or persuasion, the size of the group does not matter and it's effects will be minimal. If any activist has the skills, anyone who doesn't will contribute nothing (but will still gain juice).

(4.04.0)The code includes the option of influencing the torture issue, but the randomizer doesn't go high enough to choose it.

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