Criminal Code

The (extremely Hollywood-stylized) legal system of LCS features lots and lots of crimes. As in the real world, some are more serious than others. Here's a list of all of them, with notes on what qualifies, the general severity, and anything non-obvious you might want to know.

After all, ignorance of the law is not a defense…only because all citizens can access and understand the law.

Serious crimes

These will always inspire significant Heat on the Liberal(s) involved and are likely to get increased prosecution resources should you go to trial. In extreme cases, committing enough of them may make a Not Guilty verdict literally impossible.

  • Kidnapping: Take someone hostage during a site action, threaten a hostage you've taken, fail to kidnap that Conservative swine during a date, or take sufficiently long reprogramming the Conservative date-nap victim that his or her family notices. Generally, you've got about 5 days.
  • Murder: Kill a human in a location that will inform the police, or during a car chase. (LCS & CCS facilities are not going to tell the cops anything, as they're both illegal organizations. Obviously, if the police are raiding you themselves they'll take note of your killing their comrades, as will the military if they get called in. No other siege/assault faction will report casualties, however.) As of 4.07, kills made using the "sneak attack" mechanic will still attach Murder and Armed Assault charges, despite leaving no witnesses and not (immediately) raising the alarm.
  • Terrorism: Mess with the nuclear plant controls; doesn't matter what you do or whether you succeed.
  • Treason: 3-4 of these and you're going to jail, guaranteed. Hacking the CIA Supercomputer, raiding armories (despite the Nuclear Plant being corporate-controlled, raiding its armory is considered making war against the US/providing aid & comfort to the US' enemies), or publishing state secrets such as the Secret Documents or Intel HQ Data Disc. Be aware that everyone at the same place as any Printing Press when state secrets are published will be charged with Treason as a result of the publication.
  • Hacking/Electronic sabotage: Both of these result from being detected when Hacking Networks. There doesn't appear to be a substantial difference between the two.

Variable crimes

The severity of these crimes fluctuates with the issues. In Liberal times, several aren't crimes at all (and will be struck from Liberal rap sheets accordingly).

  • Flag burning: You're presumed to not be burning the flag in accordance with the Flag Code. This applies to every Liberal present at the site where you burned the flag. At C+ Flag Burning, Flag Murder appears to be considered worse than human-Murder, ironically enough.
  • Harmful speech: Writing for the Liberal Guardian during C+ Free Speech is a fairly serious crime, in terms of what it displaces on the rap sheet.
  • Drug dealing: Chances are that you'll be wanted for this for a while. Simply drawing police attention is enough; you don't need to be arrested.
  • Hiring illegal aliens: The Sweatshop Worker you liberally Released was captured…and broke under interrogation. His or her contact gets this.

Petty crimes

These get recorded and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law cares to bother…generally, not much. You can generally do as much of these as you like without incurring Heat.

  • Theft: take something during a site raid when site-people are present to notice (attaches even if you make the Stealth roll to not set off the Conservatives Alarmed) or attempt to crack a Safe (the result doesn't matter).
  • Loitering: You were arrested with no other crimes, so the police stuck this on you to justify the expense. When this Liberal goes to trial, the only way s/he'll get anything more than a warning is at C+ Death Penalty.
  • Vandalism: Spray graffiti (on-site or as an Action; each on-site spray is a separate count, though) or smash things, whether machinery or display cases. Extremely minor and a good way to Juice new Liberals.
  • Disturbing the peace: This includes Liberal Disobedience as well as media takeovers; even the best hour of Liberalized Media EVER will still be recorded as criminal activity.

Crimes that need categorization

These ones still need categorized. Stay out of trouble, citizen!

Breaking and entering: Break down a door. Picking locks doesn't get detected.

Jury tampering: Fail to convince a Jury; successful tampering doesn't get reported.

Escaping prison: Be released from pretrial jail or the Prison. This applies even if the Liberal was unable to move and instead was carried.

Releasing prisoners: Attempt to open cells at a jail or the Prison, whether successful or not. This attaches when you make the attempt, not
when you actually Release the Oppressed Prisoners afterward, even though the Conservatives Alarmed triggers when you Release Oppressed.

Resisting arrest: Run from police or the Death Squad. Engaging a Government siege (SWAT, etc) will attach this to everyone involved, even if someone wasn't wanted and did not attack the police.

Assault: Attack someone, using Martial Arts, outside a safehouse (same conditions as for Murder)

Armed assault: Attack someone, using a weapon, outside a safehouse (same conditions as for Murder)

Grand theft auto: Be caught and arrested when Stealing A Car. Escaping the police prevents them from identifying you.

Unlawful burial: Disposing of Liberal dead or killed/suicided Conservative Automata.

Prostitution: Get caught by the vice squad; some Prostitutes have this when joining.

Racketeering: If the police break someone and get them to testify against the LCS, their contact gets charged with this. Congratulations on being organized criminals!

Arson : You set fire to something.

Public nudity: Out in public with no clothing equipped. Be advised that the Sweatshop is not considered "public", nor is the drive back (even if it involves a car chase).

Extortion: You threatened the landlord at an apartment building.

Bank robbery: I believe this attaches even on an inside job (sleeper Bank Manager).

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