There are 5 regions to go to, each with it's own set of locations to infiltrate:


Location Notes
Downtown Apartments ^ Safehouse, $1500/m
Police Station
Court House
Bank Name varies
Fire Station Fireman HQ when Free Speech is C+
Cable News Station
AM Radio Station
Gentleman's Club ^
Latte Stand ^
The Desert Eagle Bar and Grill CCS Safehouse

^ - Name varies from game to game.

Commercial District

Location Notes
Pawn Shop ^ LCS cannot raid
The Oubliette Cannot be raided
Used Car Dealer ^ LCS cannot raid
Department Store ^ LCS cannot raid

^ - Name varies from game to game.

University District

Location Notes
University Apartments ^ Safehouse, $650
The University Hospital LCS cannot raid
The Free Clinic LCS cannot raid
Genetics Lab ^
Cosmetics Lab ^
Vegan Co-Op ^
Juice Bar ^
Internet Cafe ^
The Park ^

^ - Name varies from game to game.

Industrial District

Location Notes
Homeless Shelter Safehouse
Upgradable Safehouse #1 ^ Safehouse
Upgradable Safehouse #2 ^ Safehouse
Projects ^ Safehouse, $200
Factory ^
Garment Makers ^
Crack House ^ Safehouse
Fallout Shelter CCS Safehouse

^ - Name varies from game to game.

On the Outskirts of the City

These locations require a vehicle.
Location Notes
Prison ^
Nuclear Power Plant
Intelligence HQ
Corporate HQ
CEO Residence
Army Base ^
Bunker CCS Safehouse
+[[#travel]][Travel (100$)
This location requires a Vehicles.
White House

^ - Name varies from game to game.

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