Aside from the following items, you may occasionally find various weapons and clothing, especially if you are liberating them from an apartment or a conservative who has no need for such things anymore.

Important Documents

These are used to issue a special edition of The Liberal Guardian. None of these stack.
Item Name Fence Value
AM Radio Memos $250
Cable News Memos $250
CCS Backer List $2000
CEO Love Letters $250
CEO Photos $250
CEO Tax Papers $1000
Judge Corrupt. Evidence $1000
Intel. HQ Data Disk $1500
Police Records $750
Prison Records $750
Research Papers $750
Secret Corporate Files $1000
Secret Documents $1500

Other Useful Items

Item Name Fence Value Use
Fine Cloth $20 Halves crafting cost for clothes.

Vendor Trash

These items have no use beyond selling for a small amount of money.
Item Name Fence Value
Cellphone $20
Cheap Jewelery $50
Dirty Sock $1
Family Photos $1
Fine Jewelery $500
Kitschy Trinket $5
Lab Equipment $50
Laptop $200
Macaroni Art $1
Microphone $20
PDA $50
Silverware $20
Watch $20
Weird Chemical $20
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