Modding is a great and useful way to make Liberal Crime Squad the way you want it to be.

About Modding In Liberal Crime Squad:

1.) Liberal Crime Squad is a opensource program.

2.) Since Liberal Crime Squad is an opensource program it's very easy to mod.

How to Mod

1.) I suggest that you download XML notepad 2007. Notepad++ also works, too.
Site -

2.) Make a copy of the file art and paste it somewhere you wont forget.

3.) Open up the art folder you just copied and left click on a file that has an extension .XML that you want to edit.

4.) Find the item you want to mod.

5.) Below the folder you opened there should be more sections.

6.) On the side of those sections there should be numbers.

7.) You can edit those numbers to make the game potentially harder or easier.

User-Made Mods
Terra Vitae Mod Superheroes and Supervillains, new factions, biodiversity conservation, new sites, laws, factions, skills, weapons, victory and defeat conditions.
Liberal Additions New weapons and some gameplay tweaks
Crypto-Conservative Soul Expansion Luxury clothes, weapons, cars, and guitars.
LCS Goes to the Movies A mod that adds movies to LCS. Every month a Liberal or Conservative movie comes out and influences the issues, and the LCS can rewrite the movie's script, sabotage it, or steal the funds.
LCS Music Mod A mod that changes the default music in LCS. Requires LCS Version 4.10.0 from Github or R855 from Sourceforge at the very least, since only newer versions of LCS have music.

Video's on how to make a mod for Liberal Crime Squad.
None yet but soon.

Information Helpful to Modding
Music - Shows names of current music and file info needed to create new LCS music.

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