Nuclear Power Plant

Location: Outskirts of the City


Common Encounters:
[[Security Guard]], [[Lab Tech]], [[Secretary]], [[Janitor]], [[Office Worker]], [[Secretary]],

Important Encounters:
[[Eminent Scientist]], [[Elite security]] (At metal detector)

High Security:
More Security Guards

Response Type
Police Officers

Valid Disguises:

Lab Coat, Security Uniform

[U]seable Tiles:

The On/Off Switch ("POWER", The Big Red Button) If used will overheat the reactor, greatly influencing the public on the issue.
Armory ("ARMRY", Steal Weapons)
Display Cases ("CASE", Vandalize)

Site Issues:

Nuclear Power

Effects of Shutdown:

Unknown, possibly none.

Loot to be Found:

Research Papers
Lab Equipment
Weird Chemicals

Effects of Law Changes

Possibly the site is permanently shut down on L+ Nuclear power


Secure location; as of 4.06.3, it is technically a corporate facility, rather than a Government one. As one might expect, Security Guards are present.

In 4.06.3, the Nuclear Plant retains its trademark Big Red Button (formally, the "On/Off Switch" or "POWER"), but has gained additional targets. There are several museum/gift shop displays which a Squad might Liberally Redecorate and an Armory comparable to that at the Army Base. To help protect these, the NPP features Guard checkpoints, which appear to require competently disguised infiltration specialists to penetrate. A sufficiently determined or resourceful Squad may be able to find alternative approaches…

On the Outskirts of the City
Prison · Nuclear Power Plant · Intelligence HQ
Corporate HQ · CEO Residence · Army Base · Bunker
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