Pawn Shop

Under Construction

Location Commercial District

Liberals can do the following here:

Buy a Liberal [G]un
Buy Liberal [T]ools
Buy Liberal [C]lips
[S]ell something

The availibility of Guns depends on the current gun laws in your game. At C+ all guns can be found here (except Heavy Weapons), at C you can find all but Military-Grade Assault rifles, at M you can only find SMGs(?) and handguns, at L the only weapons are smaller varieties of pistols, and at L+ the pawnshop does not sell guns. The pawnshop only carries ammunition for guns it sells.

Spraypaint, guitars and crowbars can be bought here at any time.

You can fence stolen loot here for a fraction of its original value here. The pawnshop will buy clothing, extra weapons and ammo from you, even if those weapons are prohibited by law. Any items in LCS possession which are not equipped will be available for sale if a squad is sent to the pawn shop.

You cannot cause trouble at the pawn shop.

The Commercial District
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