Police Station

Located Downtown.


Common Encounters
Police Officer , Police Gang Unit (C or C+ Law Enforcement), Death Squad Officer (C+ Law Enforcement), Police Negotiator (L+ Law Enforcement)

Other Encounters
~0.7% Odds: Crack Head, Gang Member, Highschool Dropout, Professional Thief, Prostitute, Transient
~0.4% Odds: Biker, Priest, Teenager
~0.1% Odds: Army Veteran, Mutant
<0.1% Odds: Actor, Agent, Amateur Magician, Art Critic, Athlete, Author, Black Belt, Cameraman, Chef, Clerk, College Student, Construction Worker, Corporate Manager, Dancer, Doctor, Educator/Prison Guard, Engineer, Union Worker/Nonunion Worker, Fast Food Worker, Football Coach, Garbage Collector, Hairstylist, Hangin' Judge, Hick, Hippie, Janitor, Journalist, Lab Tech, Lawyer, Liberal Judge, Mail Carrier, Mathematician, Music Critic, Musician, News Anchor, Nun, Nurse, Office Worker, Painter, Photographer, Plumber, Programmer, Psychologist, Radio Personality, Retiree, Sculptor, Secretary, Sewer Worker, Socialite, Soldier, Taxi Driver, Teacher, Telemarketer, Truck Driver, Yoga Instructor

High Security:
Under High Security, there are twice as many Police Officers, Police Gang Units, and Police Negotiators.

Response Type
SWAT Team (Fast Response) If you get into a fight here, you're likely to have SWAT teams respond almost immediately and be pursued by cops when you leave.

Valid Disguises:

Police Uniform, Police Body Armor, Death Squad Uniform (C+ Law Enforcement)

[U]seable Tiles:

Police Lockup: Requires Security skill to open. Springs arrested liberals from jail, and generates Prisoners. If the prisoners are liberated, the site will enter Alarmed state.

Site Issues:

Law Enforcement, Gun Control, Death Penalty, Drug Legality, Racial Equality

Effects of Shutdown:

Police raids are not possible while the site is shut down.

Loot to be Found:

PDA (~30%)
Cellphone (~30%)
Laptop (~30%)
Police records (~5%)
Weapons (4%): type depends on gun control law
Clothes (~4%): Police uniform, SWAT armor, Death Squad uniform (on C+ gun control)

Effects of Law Changes

Police Behavior C+ and Death Penalty C+: Death Squad Officer replaces some of the normal police
Police Behavior C or C+: Police Gang Units are more common
Mutants only appear when either Nuclear Power or Pollution are C+. If both are C+, there are 2.5 times as many mutants.


There is a special space here. It is apparently not yet coded, as going into the space gives a broken description and the "use" command, while lighting up, does nothing.

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