Location: Outskirts of the City


Common Encounters:
Prisoner, Prison Guard, Educator (C+ Police Regulations and C+ Death Penalty)

High Security:
More Prison Guards

Response Type
SWAT team

Valid Disguises:

Lab Coat (C- Police Behavior and death penalty laws only)
Guard Uniform (Either Police behavor or Death Penalty laws C or better.)
Orange Jumpsuit.
Police Uniform offers partial Disguise.

[U]seable Tiles:

Prison Control Rooms ("CTROL", Release Prisoners): Can, depending on sentence and floor, free liberals.

Site Issues:

Death Penalty, Prison Regulation, Police Regulation (?)

Effects of Shutdown:


Loot to be Found:

Orange Jumpsuit

Effects of Law Changes



This is where sentenced Liberals go to serve their sentence, and non-sentenced Liberals go to commute those sentences. If your Liberal was sentenced to a term of years (X years in prison), you need to open the cells on the entry floor. Liberals sentenced to life in prison are held on the second floor, and Liberals sentenced to death are held on the top floor. Successfully opening the cells is apparently based on Security. Opening a given level will release generic Prisoners in addition to any imprisoned Liberals; if you want additional personnel, you can Release Oppressed to take them along.

In the event that you have more Liberals to rescue than open slots in the order, the excess Liberals will prove to have been beaten, tortured, or on hunger strike…regardless of the cause, they'll need to be carried out. Be advised that being carried out of the Prison in no way reduces their culpability for Escaping Prison.

The only Loot objects available are Shanks, which aren't terribly useful unless you're conducting a riot. Covert prisoner-extractions are best accomplished without theft.
*Also jumpsuits. I'm having a funny mental image now of a prisoner complaining to a guard, "Hey, my shank's missing!" At C+ Prison Reg, I imagine that that could actually happen.

A rescued liberal from the prison has no criminal records except for "escape prison", that is if you didn't kill everyone on the prison to escape, in which case all murder cases are added as usual. Having a liberal with high disguise / security skills, and a good disguise, proves useful for rescuing people from the prison.
One quick method to clear a criminal record is to let the the judges jail the liberal you want to clear out, then rescue it from prison. Now it will be still looked for, for only with minimal criminal records. But if caught again, even with a not guilty verdict, an escaped liberal will be sent back to prison to serve the remaining time.

On the Outskirts of the City
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