When you start a new game you are asked a series of questions to establish the abilities and skills of your organisations founder. There are five different archetypes. By selecting, for example, more 'A' options, the more of a sneaky rogue your founder will be. If you select all 'B' options then he will be a combat machine. Selecting only one letter for all questions leads to the following stats:

Archetype Heart Int Wis Health Agi Str Cha Top Skills Bonuses
A Master Thief 8 8 1 6 12 4 4 Security, Stealth Car, Great Apartment
B Deadly Gangster 7 3 1 9 9 8 6 Guns, Martial Arts AK-47, 4 Recruits
C Brilliant Student 10 11 1 6 5 5 5 Writing, Computers Cash, Good Apartment
D Gifted Survivor 13 5 1 9 9 6 6 Seduction, Street Sense Sleeper, Great Stats
E Charismatic Leader 8 6 1 6 5 6 11 Persuasion, Law Maps, +50 Juice

For those wishing to maximize their gains, it is crucial to remember that most skills can be trained, so starting skills aren't nearly as important as starting stats.

To maximize your stat gains, you can select "D" at the final option to get an extra +1 bonus to all stats except Wisdom. The other choices have different bonuses in starting funds and housing.

Question Breakdown

Base stats at birth:
8 HRT, 3 INT, 1 WIS, 6 HTH, 5 AGI, 4 STR, 4 CHA

1. The day I was born in 1984…
A - the Polish priest Popieluszko was kidnapped by government agents. (+2 AGI)
B - was the 3rd anniversary of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. (+2 STR)
C - the Macintosh was introduced. (+2 INT)
D - the Nobel Peace Prize went to Desmond Tutu for opposition to apartheid. (+2 HRT)
E - the Sandanista Front won the elections in Nicaragua. (+2 CHA)

My parents named me <propername>.

The doctor said I was a <chosen gender>

2. When I was bad…
A - my parents grounded me and hid my toys, but I knew where they put them. (+1 AGI, +1 Security)
B - my father beat me. I learned to take a punch earlier than most. (+1 HTH, +1 Martial Arts)
C - I was sent to my room, where I studied quietly by myself, alone. (+1 INT, +1 Writing)
D - my parents argued with each other about me, but I was never punished. (+1 HRT, +1 Persuasion)
E - my father lectured me endlessly, trying to make me think like him. (+1 CHA, +1 Psychology)

3. In elementary school…
A - I was mischevious, and always up to something. (+1 AGI, +1 Disguise)
B - I had a lot of repressed anger. I hurt animals. (+1 STR, +1 AGI, -1 HRT, +1 Psychology)
C - I was at the head of the class, and I worked very hard. (+1 INT, +1 Writing)
D - I was unruly and often fought with the other children. (+1 STR, +1 Martial Arts)
E - I was the class clown. I even had some friends. (+1 CHA, +1 Persuasion)

4. When I turned 10…
A - my parents divorced. Whenever I talked, they argued, so I stayed quiet. (+1 Stealth)
B - my parents divorced. Violently. (+1 Martial Arts)
C - my parents divorced. Acrimoniously. I once tripped over the paperwork! (+1 Law)
D - my parents divorced. Mom slept with the divorce lawyer. (+1 Seduction)
E - my parents divorced. It still hurts to read my old diary. (+1 Writing)

5. In junior high school…
A - I was into chemistry. I wanted to know what made the world tick. (+2 INT, +2 Science)
B - I played guitar in a grunge band. We sucked, but so did life. (+2 CHA, +2 Music)
C - I drew things, a lot. I was drawing a world better than this. (+2 HRT, +2 Art)
D - I played violent video games at home. I was a total outcast. (+2 AGI, +2 Computers)
E - I was obsessed with swords, and started lifting weights. (+2 STR, +2 Sword)

6. Things were getting really bad…
A - when I stole my first car. I got a few blocks before I totalled it. (+1 Driving, +1 Security)
B - and I went to live with my dad. He had been in Nam and he still drank. (+1 Shotgun, +1 Rifle, +1 Psychology)
C - and I went completely goth. I had no friends and made costumes by myself. (+2 Tailoring)
D - when I was sent to religious counseling, just stressing me out more. (+1 Religion, +1 Psychology)
E - and I tried being a teacher's assistant. It just made me a target. (+2 Teaching)

7. Well, I knew it had reached a crescendo when…
A - I stole a cop car when I was only 14. I went to juvie for 6 months. (+1 INT, +1 Driving, +1 Security)
B - my stepmom shot her ex-husband, my dad, with a shotgun. She got off. (+1 AGI, +2 Shotgun)
C - I tried wrestling for a quarter, desperate to fit in. (+1 STR, +2 Martial Arts)
D - I got caught making out, and now I needed to be 'cured' of homosexuality. (+1 HRT, +1 Seduction, +1 Religion)
E - I was resorting to controlling people. Had my own clique of outcasts. (+1 CHA, +2 Persuasion)

8. I was only 15 when I ran away, and…
A - I started robbing houses: rich people only. I was fed up with their crap. (+1 AGI, +1 Security, +1 Stealth)
B - I hung out with thugs and beat the shit out of people. (+1 STR, +2 Martial Arts)
C - I got a horrible job working fast food, smiling as people fed the man. (+1 CHA, +2 Business)
D - I let people pay me for sex. I needed the money to survive. (-1 HRT, +2 CHA, +2 Seduction)
E - I volunteered for a left-wing candidate. It wasn't *real*, though, you know? (+1 INT, +1 Law, +1 Persuasion)

9. Life went on. On my 18th birthday…
A - I got my hands on a sports car. The owner must have been pissed. (Start with a stolen Sports Car)
B - I bought myself an assault rifle. (Start equipped with an AK-47 and 9 magazines)
C - I celebrated. I'd saved a thousand bucks! (Start with $1000)
D - I went to party and met a cool law student. We've been dating ever since. (Start with a Lawyer recruited as a sleeper love slave.)
E - I managed to acquire secret maps of several major buildings downtown. (Start with several downtown sites fully explored)

(The Lawyer will be the same gender as the founder if the homosexuality option is chosen two questions previous.)

10. For the past few years, I've been…
A - stealing from Corporations. I know they're still keeping more secrets. (+2 INT, +2 AGI, +2 Security, +2 Stealth, $500, Downtown Apartments Safe House)
B - a violent criminal. Nothing can change me, or stand in my way. (+2 AGI, +2 HTH, +2 STR, +2 Rifle, +2 Pistol, +2 Street Sense, 4 Armed Gang Members, 10 days of Rations, Crack House Safe House)
C - taking college courses. I can see how much the country needs help. (+4 INT, +2 Computers, +2 Science, +2 Teaching, +2 Writing, +1 Business, +1 Law, $200, University District Apartment Safe House)
D - surviving alone, just like anyone. But we can't go on like this. (+1 HRT, +2 INT, +3 HTH, +2 AGI, +1 STR, +1 CHA, +2 First Aid, +2 Street Sense, Homeless Shelter Safe House)
E - writing my manifesto and refining my image. I'm ready to lead. (+2 CHA, +2 INT, +1 Writing, +1 Law, +2 Persuasion, +50 Juice, $50, Industrial Tenement Safe House)

I live in <cityname>, and it's about to experience real change.

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