Recruitment Cap

Each Liberal is limited in the number of direct subordinates they can have. If a Liberal who can't recruit any more followers tries to recruit through talking about the issues or liberating the oppressed, the attempt will always fail. The cap is determined by Juice and whether the Liberal is the Founder of the Liberal Crime Squad.

Note that LCS members gained through seduction or interrogation do not count against this cap.

Ranking Juice Extra Recruits
Civillian 0 0
Activist 10 0
Socialist Threat 50 1
Revolutionary 100 3
Urban Commando 200 5
Elite Liberal 500 6


Beginning at 50 juice (Socialist Threat) a Liberal gains the ability to recruit additional followers. Increasing Juice is the fastest way to gain access to additional followers.

Founder Status

The founder of the Liberal Crime Squad (or whoever takes over after the death of the Founder) gets a bonus of +6 to the maximum recruit number, regardless of juice. This enables the founder to recruit six followers immediately, and can eventually lead to supporting 12 squadmates.

Limits to Recruitment

Characters that are kidnapped and then converted may not recruit. This is because they are brainwashed Conservatives who are only in the Liberal Crime Squad due to Liberal mind control. Their true nature is Conservative, regardless of how much Juice they get, and so they find it impossible to use Liberal talking points to persuade people to join the Liberal cause. Luckily, the founder, people who were recruited, and people who were seduced can all do recruitment if they have less recruits than their current recruitment cap, according to the rules above.

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