Recruitment Numbers Formula

This may or may not be of interest to everyone, but some might find it interesting.

The easiest way to rapidly grow the LCS ranks is to have your leader recruit 5 men and form a squad of 6, then run these 6 on a quick spraypaint spree to give them 50 juice. You then use these 6 to recruit 6 and seduce 6. And so forth. Let's look at the growth pattern for this. (will table it later)

R represents 6 recruits from Issues, S represents 6 Seduced recruits. RS comes when 6 issues recruits will recruit 6 issues and 6 seduced. So R will lead to RS.
S will lead to R only, since seduced recruits cannot recruit by seduction until their seduction reaches a high enough rank, which shall be ignored in this table.

Generation(n) Pattern
1 R 1R 1
2 RS 1R+1S 2
3 RS+R 2R+1S 3
4 RS+R+RS 3R+2S 5
5 RS+R+RS+RS+R 5R+3S 8
6 RS+R+RS+RS+R+RS+R+RS 8R+5S 13

So R= total(R+S)for(n-1)
and S = total R for (n-1)

R+S for n = 2 (R+S) for (n-1) - (R+S) for (n-4)
R+S for n = (R+S) for (n-1) + (R+S) for (n-2)

blah I am sleepy, continue this some other time. Anyone familiar with math patterns feel free to correct me or to solve for me.

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