Sell T-Shirts

Sell T-Shirts is a legal activity and form of fundraising best done by a Sweatshop Worker Released from one of the Garment Makers in the Industrial District. This is because they already come with plenty of the requisite Garment Making skill that is necessary to make lots of money selling T-Shirts. However, Sweatshop Workers are illegal immigrants that get deported if they are caught, so you may want to develop the Garment Making skill in other characters and have them Sell T-Shirts instead if you are concerned about that.

The activity relies on both Tailoring and Business, with the base amount of money ranging from $4-$27; The Tailoring skill contributes $3-18, and business $1-9 (being a secondary skill.) Amount of money generated increases as the skills improve. However, a moderate society only gives half the income, and a liberal society providing only one quarter - due to the competitors.

Succeeding in a Formidable Tailoring check causes background influence on a random issue.

Liberals that obtained heat from crimes may be detected if they fail a Street Sense check, based on the amount of heat. Naked liberals will be arrested by police regardless of street sense.

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