The LCS aren't the only ones who can attack a location. Sometimes, the LCS's enemies will attack an LCS safehouse, too. This is a Siege, or Raid.

Triggering a Siege

Various conditions can trigger a siege, including:

  • Liberals with many crimes residing at a safehouse for too long, and raising the Heat
  • A kidnapped Conservative being held at a safehouse, or escaping from captivity
  • The presence of a printing press and the publishing of the Liberal Guardian, especially special issues
  • Various Liberal actions which specifically enrage one faction or another

Types of Sieges

The group that attacks the LCS safehouse is dependent on which group hates the LCS the most.

Government Siege

The Government is the "default" group that might raid the LCS, and the most common. Depending on how dangerous the Government considers the LCS to be, and depending on how long the siege has progressed, they will escalate to higher and higher levels of response. Notably the only one that killing is considered murder.
Preparation & Prevention

  • Closing the Police Station can prevent a Government siege
  • Sleepers at the Police Station may warn your Liberals, giving them time to move to another safehouse

Provoked By

  • High Heat at a safehouse
  • Any sort of criminal activity (Liberals with outstanding charges)

Level 1

Level 2

  • Squads of Soldiers storm the building

Level 3

  • Squads of Soldiers storm the building
  • A Tank confronts escaping Liberals

Level 4

  • Squads of Soldiers storm the building
  • A Tank confronts escaping Liberals
  • Jet fighters bomb the building, possibly injuring or killing Liberals or destroying safehouse improvements.

Giving Up
Giving up to the Government results in all Liberals with criminal records at the location being arrested.

  • If the safehouse has improvements, they will be dismantled.
  • Liberal funds may be confiscated.
  • Any hostages will be released.
  • Any Enlightened Liberals will be rehabilitated.
  • Any bodies stored at the safehouse will be lost.
  • All items at the location are confiscated.

Corporation Siege

Preparation & Prevention

Provoked By:


Giving Up
Giving up to the Corporations results in everyone at the Safehouse being automatically killed.

CCS Siege

Preparation & Prevention

  • A sleeper in the Conservative Crime Squad may warn the LCS.
  • The Conservative Crime Squad may be exterminated by shutting down all three of its safehouses.
  • In Classic Mode, the CCS does not exist.
  • The LCS may stay extremely low-profile, so that the CCS is never formed.

Provoked by:

  • Nothing in particular. If the CSS reaches a significant strength, they will attack locations with heat repeadedly.
  • If the location with the printing press has heat, it is the prefered location to attack. Otherwise they will attack simply a location with heat.
  • The CSS attacks in fact extreme often. Some heat is enough for them to come. As opposed to other factions, a raid onto an unoccupied location doesn't cause a "Foo invaded the Bar, an unoccupied safehouse" message, but the raid is simply aborted if nobody is there.


  • The CCS may car bomb the safehouse, possibly killing or injuring Liberals. Tank traps prevent this from happening. This is not necessary better, as the code will simply fall through to a raid.
  • Vigilantes storm the building.

Giving Up
Giving up to the CCS results in everyone at the Safehouse being automatically killed.
The CCS now owns that particular safehouse.

Intelligence HQ Siege

Despite being from the Intelligence Agency it is legal to kill them. The illegal nature of their actions and pretense of mundane hitmen is likely why.
Preparation & Prevention

Provoked By:

  • Raiding Intelligence HQ, especially if you also hack their Supercomputer
  • Publishing secret documents in the Liberal Guardian
  • Housing any Liberal charged with Treason


  • The attackers will shut off any lights and cameras at the safehouse.
  • Agents will storm the safehouse.

Giving Up
Giving up to Intelligence HQ results in everyone at the safehouse being automatically killed.

Conservative Masses Siege

Preparation & Prevention

  • Raising the public opinion for the offended media above 30% will prevent a siege. AM Radio and Cable News are treated as individual parties for that purpose.

Provoked By:

  • Raiding the AM Radio Station
  • Raiding the Cable News Station
  • Publishing AM Radio or Cable News memos in the Liberal Guardian


  • Hicks of various types will storm the safehouse.

Giving Up
Giving up to the Conservative Masses results in everyone at the safehouse being automatically killed.

Fireman Siege

Surprisingly, despite the resemblances to a government siege it is legal to kill the firemen to the last man and /not/ considered murder.
Preparation & Prevention

  • A Sleeper at the Fireman HQ may warn your Liberals.
  • Shutting down the Fireman HQ will prevent a siege while it is shut down.
  • Moving the Free Speech Issue to C or better will shut down the Fireman HQ and replace it with the Fire Station, which does not conduct raids.

Provoked By


  • Squads of Firemen will storm the safehouse.

Giving Up

  • All Liberals in the Safehouse are arrested and charged with Unlawful Speech.
  • All items at the location are confiscated.
  • The Printing Press and any business front are dismantled.
  • All corpses are removed.
  • Hostages are rescued.

Repelling a Siege

Depending on the type of safehouse, various improvements may allow Liberals certain advantages during a siege.

  • Tank traps will prevent the approach of a Tank during a Government siege; Army engineers may remove them.
  • A backup generator prevents the police from turning off the lights to the compound.
  • Security cameras allow you to see the position of enemy units on the Map view, but only if the lights are still on.
  • Storing food allows your Liberals to try to wait out the siege.
  • Fortifying the compound allows you to block out sniper fire.
  • Installing an anti-air cannon allows you to destroy or drive away bombers, but it doesn't always work. Shooting down a bomber awards juice to the entire LCS.

A reporter may sneak into the compound during a siege, giving your Liberals good (or bad) publicity.

Escape Or Engage

In Escape Or Engage mode, your goal is to either kill enough Conservatives to drive them away, or make your way to the safehouse entrance and escape. Anyone not in the active squad will provide cover fire; the likelihood of their firing is greater the more Juice they have. Booby traps will injure attacking units if they blunder into them. You may surrender to police during Escape or Engage, but not to anyone else. If the Squad escapes or wins the fight, another siege is likely in the near future.


If your Liberals kill enough attackers to drive them off, you retain the safehouse and all its contents.


If your Liberals escape the compound:

  • All improvements are dismantled
  • Liberals return to the Homeless Shelter within a few days
  • Any item not carried out with the Liberals is lost
  • All hostages and bodies at the site are lost.
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