Skill Rolls

Skill rolls

Dice rolls

LCS uses quite a complex system of dice rolling to determine whether using a skill succeeds or fails.
For each skills check, LCS rolls a number of six-sided dice equal to the skill value divided by three.
If there is a remainder after dividing the skill level, LCS rolls another dice based on the remainder: A D3 for remainder 1 and a D5 for remainder 2.
After rolling the dice, LCS then uses the total values of the top 3 dice to calculate success or failure.

Rolling a random 'skill strength' value

For most skills, LCS rolls the dice as above for the level of the Skill plus the level of the skill's associated Attribute.
The resulting value is used as a 'skill strength' value to determine success or failure.

Security is an exception to this rule: for security, the dice are rolled for the Skill level multiplied by 2.

The following skills automatically fail if they have zero skill:
Pyschology, Law, Security, Computers, Music, Art, Religion, Science, Business, Teaching, First Aid

Extra bonuses from clothing

Some skills can get an extra bonus from the clothing worn.

Stealth takes the 'skill strength' as above and multiplies it by the Stealth Value of the clothing worn, then divides the resulting value by 2.
Disguise follows special rules according to whether or not the character is uniformed.

Determining success

If the 'skill strength' roll is greater than the 'difficulty' of the task, the skill is used successfully.

Difficulty levels

Most difficulty levels follow special rules according to the situation.

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