The following alphabetized, comprehensive list of skills is for Liberal Crime Squad 4.03.1 (SVN Revision 495). Veracity of this page is not guaranteed, so if you find any errors, please correct them.

Note many of the following skills can be increased by taking courses at the University, by speaking with others who know them, and through interrogations.
EXAMPLE: Hippie Bob tries to convince Lawyer Dan to join the Liberal Crime Squad by talking about the issues. Dan has knowledge of Law, so Bob learns more about Law during their discussions.

For a breakdown of every weapon in the game, along with the Skill by which it is governed, gander at this table.

The skills are all alphabetized even though alphabetizing things is quite Conservative. However, they come equipped with witty Liberal descriptions.

Art (Heart): Influences effectiveness with the abstract.
- Train Art through creating Liberal Art!
Axe (Strength): Influences effectiveness with axes.
- Train Axe by decapitating Conservative heads!
Business (Intelligence): Influences effectiveness of Liberally exchanging goods for money.
- Train Business by selling goods to the masses!
Club (Strength): Influences effectiveness with bludgeoning weapons (including ammoless guns).
- Train Club by smashing Conservative faces!
Computers (Intelligence): Influences effectiveness with computers.
- Train Computers through sabotaging Conservative schemes or stealing their credit card numbers!
Disguise (Charisma): Influences effectiveness of blending in.
- Train Disguise by wearing proper outfits while Going Forth to Stop Evil and bluffing foolish Conservatives!
Dodge (Agility): Influences effectiveness of avoiding pain.
- Train Dodge by Liberally relocating to juke Conservative weaponry!
Driving (Agility): Influences effectiveness while operating motor vehicles.
- Train Driving by flying a kite… with a car!
First Aid (Intelligence): Influences effectiveness of medical care.
- Train First Aid by attending to wounded Liberals!
Heavy Weapons (Strength): Influences effectiveness with heavy weapons, such as flamethrowers.
- Train Heavy Weapons by incinerating Conservative flesh!
Knife (Agility): Influences effectiveness with knives.
- Train Knife by stabbing Conservative eyes!
Law (Intelligence): Influences effectiveness in legal affairs.
- Train Law by trial defence or by swaying a jury to Liberal Viewpoints!
Martial Arts (Agility): Influences effectiveness in hand-to-hand combat.
- Train Martial Arts by breaking Conservative spines!
Music (Heart): Influences effectiveness with song.
- Train Music by jamming wicked tunes to the masses!
Persuasion (Charisma): Influences effectiveness of swaying others to Liberalism.
- Train Persuasion by asking for donations, talking to new recruits, and broadcasting on TV or radio!
Pistol (Agility): Influences effectiveness with pistols.
- Train Pistol by pewpewing Conservative forces!
Psychology (Intelligence): Influences effectiveness of interrogations.
- Train Psychology by ReEducating Conservative Scum!
Religion (Intelligence): Influences effectiveness of being a Conservative.
- Train Religion by being a Conservative!
Rifle (Agility): Influences effectiveness with rifles.
- Train Rifle by emptying clips into Conservative bodies!
Science (Intelligence): Influences effectiveness with understanding how the world works.
- Train Science by pressing The Big Red Button!
Security (Intelligence): Influences effectiveness with making things insecure.
- Train Security by cracking safes, picking locks, and thieving cars!
Seduction (Charisma): Influences effectiveness in sensual dealings.
- Train Seduction by bow-chicka-wow-wow!
Shotgun (Agility): Influences effectiveness with shotguns.
- Train Shotgun by CHICK-CHICK… BOOM!
SMG (Agility): Influences effectiveness with submachine guns.
- Train SMG by thoroughly consuming Conservative ammo!
Stealth (Agility): Influences effectiveness of avoiding Conservative attention.
- Train Stealth by ninja'ing away from Conservative eyes!
Street Sense (Intelligence): Influences effectiveness of avoiding Conservatives on the streets.
- Train Street Sense by Activating with the masses!
Sword (Agility): Influences effectiveness with swords.
- Train Sword by slicing Conservative skin!
Tailoring (Intelligence): Influences effectiveness while making clothes.
- Train Tailoring by crafting Liberal disguises to confuse the enemy!
Teaching (Intelligence): Influences effectiveness in the classroom.
- Train Teaching by instructing Liberals on other skills!
Throwing (Agility): Influences effectiveness with throwing weapons.
- Train Throwing by tossing cocktails into Conservative hands!
Writing (Intelligence): Influences effectiveness with the written or printed word.
- Train Writing by exposing Conservative lies through newspapers!

All of the information below needs to be verified and is probably incomplete:

Here are a few skills from older versions that no longer exist at all:
Improv Melee (originally called Improvised Weapons - weapons using it were reshuffled to other skills, mostly Club)
Leadership (the recruitment cap is now just taken care of by Juice)
Theft (originally called Sleight of Hand)

Here are some skills that were renamed from older versions:
Dodge used to be Tactics
Heavy Weapons used to be Flamethrower
Martial Arts used to be Hand to Hand
Psychology used to be Interrogation
Tailoring used to be Garment Making

The following skills are used by Conservatives to resist brainwashing:

The following skills make recruiting easier:

The following skills require at least one skill point to learn by doing:
First Aid

The following skills automatically fail if you have no points in them:
First Aid

The following skills cannot be learned by doing even if you have a skill point:

Training skills

In LCS, skills are normally trained through use.

Training a skill takes 100 skill experience points, plus 10 points for each rank within the skill. Skills only increase in rank when a day finishes. If you obtain a large amount of skill experience within a day, it remains capped at the mid-point for the next rank.

Skill rolls

The skill system is best visualized by thinking about a 3d6 system used in table-top games. In such a system, you get three six-sided dice, and roll to get the best result.

LCS makes a few tweaks to this system, but the concept is close enough. To get the skill result, make the following steps:

  • Obtain the base skill value.
  • Obtain half the associated attribute to the skill (capping at skill+3), and add it to the base skill.
  • For each three points in the combined skill value, you earn 1 die. If there is a remainder, you get a 3-sided die for 1 point, and 5-sided for 2 points.
  • Roll all your dice, keep the three dice that rolled the highest, and add their totals together.
  • Apply any remaining situational modifiers

You will now have a result between 1-18 (before modifiers), based on the total value. Getting very high skills and attributes doesn't let you roll higher than 18 but does increase your chance of getting higher numbers in general.

Attribute checks are made in the same fashion, except that only the attribute value is used.


3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17
#dice Very Easy Easy Average Challenging Hard Formidable Heroic Superheroic
1 67% 33% - - - - - -
2 97% 83% 58% 29% 8.3% - - -
3 100% 98% 91% 74% 50% 26% 9.3% 1.8%
4 100% 99.6% 97% 90% 73% 49% 23% 5.8%
5 100% 99.9% 99.2% 96% 86% 66% 38% 11%
6 100% 99.98% 99.8% 98% 93% 78% 51% 18%
7 100% 100% 99.9% 99.3% 96% 86% 62% 25%
8 100% 100% 99.98% 99.8% 98% 91% 71% 33%
9 100% 100% 99.99% 99.9% 99% 95% 78% 40%
10 100% 100% 100% 99.96% 99.5% 97% 84% 47%
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