Sleepers are liberals who keep living their normal lives while being part of the LCS.

They can be either Conservatives that you have kidnapped, interrogated, and converted to your cause before they have been reported missing, or any person assigned to be a sleeper upon recruitment. Once the liberals quit their jobs and join the group at their hideout, they can never become sleepers again.

Sleepers can be a potentially game-winning asset. Sleeper judges are also highly useful when on trial, as are sleeper lawyers, and sleeper jury members too. Basically, as a rule of thumb, the more sleepers you have, the better. If possible, get radio anchors, television personalities, eminent scientists, corporate CEOs, Conservative Crime Squad bosses, and other important-conservatives as sleepers, in order to undermine the Conservative Movement from within. If you have enough sleepers, you can look at the status of the Liberal agenda, deactivate the Liberal Crime Squad from that screen, and then they will win the game for you. Sleeper club security can get you into the Gentleman's Club. Sleeper police officers can notify you of upcoming raids. It is good to have sleepers in every armed Conservative group, from the police to the military to the intelligence agents to the death squads to the Conservative Crime Squad, etc. This helps you stay 1 step ahead of Conservative groups that may attack you. It's also good to have sleeper security guards at places you raid.

Sleeper effectiveness shifts but will slowly (as in years) trend upward when they're lying low. They can also win effectiveness by advocating liberalism, recruiting liberals, uncovering secrets and embezzling funds. They can also lose some, especially when advocating liberalism, and if arrested for embezzling they will cease to be a sleeper and lose all effectiveness.
Effectiveness allows a liberal to avoid being discovered when doing espionage and it also influences the amount of money embezzled and the power to advocate liberalism.

Influence when advocating liberalism is also modified by heart, charisma, intelligence and persuasion. Some professions also use other skills or have a special multiplier:
Profession Skill Multiplier
Art critic Writing, Art
Painter Art
Sculptor Art
Music critic Writing, Music
Musician Music
Author Writing
Journalist Writing
Conservative judge Writing, Law
Lawyer Law
Lab tech Science
Eminent scientist Science 10
Corporate CEO Business 10
Corporate manager Business
Priest Religion
Nun Religion
Educator Psychology 3
DeathSquad Officer 3
Military Officer 3
Actor 2
Military Police 2
Navy seal 2
Police Gang Unit 2

News anchors and radio personalities lose influence when their mediums lose importance but they can affect the public view on all the issues.

Eminent Scientists, Bank Managers, and Corporate Managers will embezzle 10x more funds than other sleepers. The CEO can embezzle 100x as much, up to $50,000 per month.

Some sleepers can leak special documents to you when they are snooping around:
Document Profession
Intelligence files Agent
Secret police records DeathSquad Officer, SWAT Officer, Police Officer, Police Gang Unit
Secret corporate documents Corporate CEO, Corporate Manager
Internal prison records Educator, Prison Guard
Proof of systemic Cable News bias News Anchor
Proof of systemic AM Radio bias Radio Personality
Internal animal research reports Lab Tech, Eminent Scientist
Proof of corruption in the judiciary Conservative Judge
List of the CCS's government backers CCS Boss

Those documents can be used to publish special editions of the Liberal Guardian, provided they are in appropriate locations, influencing public opinion about some topics.

Sleepers can gain Juice by Uncovering Secrets, Embezzling Funds, and Stealing Equipment; sleeper Lawyers can gain Juice by successfully defending your Liberals, as well. Sleepers with enough juice can expand the network by recruiting more liberals.

Liberals stealing equipment will deliver loot like printers or PDAs.

In addition to sleeper actions, some sleepers have special abilities. Sleepers at the police station will warn of police raids; a sleeper corporate CEO will warn you about corporate raids; Arsonists, CCS bosses, vigilantes and snipers will warn you of CCS raids; sleeper agents will warn of CIA raids and firemen will warn of firemen raids (which can only occur if free speech is C+).

Sleeper judges at the courthouse may preside over trials (each sleeper has a flat check v. their Effectiveness to pick up a given case) and increase the chance of a not guilty ruling. Your best sleeper lawyer at the courthouse can always be called upon to defend you, for free, at a trial.

All sleepers who work at a location you can visit will make the full map of that location - including items - visible whenever you visit. Finally, CCS sleepers will inform you of the location of the safehouse they work at. Unless you get the same information from a failed interrogation, dating, or talking to a CCS member, this is the only way to find CCS safehouses.

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