Spray Graffiti

Spray Graffiti is an illegal activity and form of Liberal Activism that boosts your Art skill, up to a rank of 4. Graffiti requires a spraycan, which may be automatically purchased for $20 (if not found in inventory).

The normal activity of Graffiti is to spray LCS tags, which simply increases the awareness of the Liberal Crime Squad.

Spraying Graffiti is a minor crime. Missing an average Street Sense skill check causes you to be detected by police.


Sometimes during this activity, the liberal will attempt to create a Mural (being more frequent . If successful, an award of 1-6 points of juice is given (to a maximum of 120 if you get 6 points), and an immediate public opinion shift by the same amount of points.

Each day spent working on the mural train the art skill by one point (up to 10 if you are lower-skilled.)

Tagging locations

The spray Graffiti activity should not be confused with tagging that you can do during missions.

When using a spraycan inside a building, you tag the current cell with LCS tags. This awards 1 juice (up to 50), but provides no training to art.

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