M1 Abrams Tank

About this Profession

Political Alignment

Hand-to-Hand 20


Alternate Names
Armored Tank (if Liberalized)
As of current version, cannot be recruited



None (it's a tank; it is armor)

  • 10 protection against fire
  • 15 protection against all other attacks

Miscellaneous Information

The tank is the most dangerous creature in the game. Its cannon does 1000-2000 damage, so any hit is either instant death or will blow off limbs. Its armour makes it difficult to destroy it in one round. If you encounter it in a siege, a large number of liberals providing cover fire is important. You might want to re[L]oad if some liberals have an empty magazine before stepping on the square with the tank.


Despite being a tank, it is not immune to critical hits, so maximize your critical hit chance to blow off "limbs". A "Headshot" might blow its turret off, and immediately destroy it.

Good weapons against tanks are :

  • M4 Carbine : It is more accurate than the M16/AK47 and thus more likely to score a critical hit in spite of its lower damage. The Navy SEALs you will have mowed down to have gotten in this situation dropped lots of them.
  • AA-12 Automatic Shotgun : Also has a high critical hit chance with good damage. If you don't score a critical hit, the damage is still adequate, as opposed to the pumpgun.
  • M249 Machine Gun : Has a high critical hit chance and enormous damage. The wielder should, however, have the [[Heavy Weapons]] skill.
  • M2A1-7 Flamethrower : While not causing critical hits, tanks have a hard coded vulnerability against fire. Molotov cocktails are too weak, but the flamethrower is good.
  • Sword : A character with enormous strength (mutant) and sword skill may cut a tank into pieces. Such a high strength character is better equipped with a machine gun, but legal and financial reasons (and awesomeness) make the sword still attractive. As a melee weapon, the swords must be in the squad.

Other tactics

  • As opposed to other roguelikes, armour in LCS does not reduce the chance of being hit, and against 1000 damage, any damage reduction is useless. The only chance to survive a shell is to dodge it, so characters with high dodge skill and agility should be put into the squad no matter if they are wearing armour. (Bunker gear is, however, helpful if you use a flamethrower). Use [R]eorganize before confronting the tank.
  • Avoid fighting the tank and SEALs at the same time.. This may happen if a siege unit is on the same square as the tank. If a siege unit is near the exit, wait it out until they come to you or another tank spawns. The siege is over as soon as ten seals and one tank are killed, no matter how many tanks spawned.
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