T - Teaching Other Liberals
1 - Political Activism - skills trained: Art, Business, Law, Music, Persuasion, Religion, Science, Street Sense, Writing, costs up to $20 per day.
2 - Infiltration - Computers, Disguise, Driving, Psychology, Security, Seduction, Stealth, Tailoring, costs up to $60 per day.
3 - Urban Warfare - All Weapon Skills, Martial Arts, Dodge, First Aid, costs up to $100 per day.

Liberal whose activity is set to Teaching Other Liberals (Teacher) is able to do so if

  • There are other Liberals at Teachers location
    • … who have less skill than Teachers skill - 1
    • … and who have less skill than Teachers Teaching skill + 2

Also, the amount of students has a negative impact on teaching efficiency, when there is more than 10 valid students per skill. However, a Teacher with skill X at 10 and Teaching at 10 (presumably quite common situation) is yet to be hampered by the impact when skill-less student amount hits 30.

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